Salon business can be very lucrative but getting a the business to be up and running can be a little more trickier than you would imagine. The extent to which the business will thrive is factored by the variables such as employees, the location of the salon, funding and most importantly, the basic salon equipment.

Behind every success salon business, there is a successful arrangement for basic salon equipment. The equipment is the lifeblood of a salon business. If you have it all well-structured, you are sure to reap the benefits. Otherwise your business is just a fiasco. That said, in case you are just joining the league of salonists and success is your feat, the first place to start is to commit more effort and resources to getting the necessary equipment.

Create a budget plan for the equipment

Let’s look at budgeting before going into details about the necessary equipment. There are different types and grades of salon equipment which we will be highlighting below. Do some homework to figure how much you have to pay for each and make a budget for that. Never budget too low or high, but do make your budget strict to some extent in order to spending too much.

Here are the necessary basic salon equipment:

Clippers and scissors: starting with the very basic, the first items you need to start a salon business are your clippers with the clipper accessories like brushes and combs, and at least a pair of scissors. clippers and scissors all come in different types and forms. The type of scissors used by hair designers from the ones used by fashion designers. In case you can differentiate one from the other, refer to a professional hairstylist to tell you which is suitable for hair cut.

Furniture Equipment and fittings: furniture is one the basic equipment you need to get your salon going, but before you invest in it, visit some successful salon out there to find out what type is best for a salon.

While some people are very tall, others are very short. Hence, you have to get an adjustable seat that either increases or decreases the height of people while they are seated in order to give them the proper hair cut with ease. You have to get at least one longer seater to offer seat to customers waiting in row. Also make a good impression in customers by keeping your salon clean- have a cabinet for storing all clippers, scissors, and other other handy gadgets to get your salon tidy.

Styling station: Hair styling equipment with tool compartment, mirrors, storage drawers, electrical outlet, and tool holders is particularly useful for smooth and effective operation of a salon.  So, consider getting one a station while making a plan for your basic salon equipment.

While some customers would want just simple cuts, others want their hair to be styled and conditioned. Hence, for the very start, hair styling tools are some of the equipment you need. here are some of the most common hair styling tools you have to include in your budget:

  • Hair Diffusers
  • Hair Curlers
  • Hair Dryers and blowers
  • Multi-styling tool kits

Other equipment include towel, sanitizers, shampoo bows, aprons, mixing bowls, handy mirrors and paper towels.

Putting in place the right basic equipment for your salon will not only ease the running of the salon, it will also get your customers to be satisfied with your services; thus, getting salon business education is imperative. This way, you will acquire all the business and technical know-how required to successfully operate a salon.