The best quick service Franchise Restaurant (QSR) for sale out there are surprisingly not always the big chains that everyone knows but smaller chains. These are often regional franchises which gives them the edge against larger brands. The smaller firms can put their resources more efficiently into use and thus can provide larger profits for their franchising businesses. This is because larger chains aren’t always so franchise-focused and can’t necessarily focus on individual businesses like smaller brands. And if you are interested in venturing to the world of QSR the following are good example of the good QSR franchises for sale.


This US based company has start-up costs nearing in $320,000-$520,000 and it is one of the most successful QSR franchises out there. They offer the best value for your money in terms of sales-to-investment ratio. The revenues for Bojangles have been steadily growing for the past few years so it is a good and safe choice. They have continued developing their business in all areas and thus so far been getting very good results. The quality of the food is one of their best selling points.


Subway is a very well-known brand and has sale opportunities around the globe. Their start-up costs are around $80,000-$250,000. Subway has reputable and good name in providing good training and management help for its franchise businesses. Thus they are a good brand to look out for if you are going for the QSR business for first time and want a bit of extra guidance. From the businesses listed here, Subway has the best international record and opportunities for buying a franchise are better.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Another QSR franchise that is making its way to the global market is the US-based Popeyes. With a start-up cost of $300,000-$380,000 they provide lots of good incentives to start up your business. Popoeyes has deals for new franchise owners with special incentives for minorities, women and veterans to jump in to the franchising world. Their annual profits and cash-flows are all showing a positive trend upwards. They have steadily been on the rise for a few years so it is a good solid growing franchise.


In a world where healthier eating is becoming increasingly important and trendy, Saladworks offers an existing franchise opportunity. The start-up costs they estimate are around $30,00-$40,000 and so it is a good opportunity for a lesser financial risk. They have good on-going management and consultant help and are constantly developing and improving their menu. Saladworks is currently only established in the US but be on the look out for opportunities worldwide.

The following list gives a good outline for what QSR can provide at its best. There are currently various opportunities to buy QSR and start your franchising business. All of the mentioned businesses have their QSR franchises sale in different locations. There are also multiple other opportunities in QSR so be on the look out for franchise sales online and contact businesses that you find interesting.