There are often a lot of barriers associated with being pregnant. You can’t exercise too much. No more sushi. Not to mention, the constant sickness. Many people say just tough it out until after the baby is born. To an unsuspecting mother, it can seem as though pregnancy is a prison sentence rather than what it truly is: a beautiful experience which results in another human being gracing Earth with his or her presence. However, pregnancy can be, not just endured, but enjoyed!

Movies and Television

When it comes to media (television and movies, in particular), it is important to know what is “safe” for the pregnant woman to watch. Because of the spike in hormones, anything sad should probably be avoided. Generally, comedies are going to be the pregnant woman’s best friends, especially movies that can poke fun at being pregnant, like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” or “Knocked Up.” Avoid commercials altogether where possible. Most of them are made to invoke an immediate emotional response. Whenever possible, however, a pregnant woman should opt to be active.

Fun During Pregnancy: A Maternity Entertainment Guide In 5 Steps

Date Nights

A pregnant woman should “date” again. It is a good idea to set a “date” day. Couples should go all out with it, even engaging in role play to really make it an exciting experience. The couple should work hard to be fully engaged with each other while on these dates. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better before having an infant to care for.

Supportive Family and Friends

Another thing that will help to keep a pregnant woman entertained is being around people who are supportive. One way to do this is by keeping regular contact with family and friends. Meeting other expecting mothers can also be invaluable since it will be easier to find activities to do together and share each person’s experiences. This way, they can keep themselves occupied with something they are interested in with people who share their interests.


One would be hard-pressed to find a woman who would not want to engage in the next entertaining activity: shopping. A pregnant woman should go shopping for herself and give herself a makeover (that is pregnancy safe, of course). Also, finding decorative touches for the home would also be a great thing to do. And, of course, shopping for baby stuff is not only essential, but also a good way to come to prepare for the baby.

Taking a Vacation

Taking a vacation is another way for a pregnant woman to entertain herself. It does not have to be far as long as it is away from home and a bag is packed. It is recommended to go as far as one can. Dr. Gilbert Webb recommends checking with you physician before making travel arrangements. Be creative! If visiting the Bahamas is out of reach, planning to do something like visiting a local resort can be a welcome alternative.

These are just some suggestions of possible ways that a woman can entertain herself while being pregnant. Pregnancy can be so much more than a list of dos and don’ts with proper information and planning. From watching the right material, “dating”, being around like-minded people, shopping, and vacationing, the possibilities are endless. Yes, a pregnant woman can’t enjoy raw sushi and still must be careful not to do too much strenuous activity, but quality entertainment doesn’t have to be eliminated from a lifestyle!