CCTV cameras are an integral part of any business. Installing a good CCTV camera can help to protect your business from potential losses and saves your time and money. Many of the good quality cameras capture HD images and come with video recording features and time stamps, making it easier for you to keep records of the day to day happenings in your office.

Why CCTV Cameras are a Feasible Option

No matter what type of business you own, CCTV cameras are a must in every organization. You might find different CCTV camera models at affordable rates. Ensure that you compare the features and price of different brands before choosing one.

Some of the biggest benefits of installing CCTV cameras include:

  • Keeping a track of the attendance of the employees
  • Can help in keeping a check on the productivity of the employees
  • Can act as an evidence in court for crimes or malpractice
  • Can keep a track of visitors
  • Can help in minimizing lefts of confidential documents

Strategically Placing CCTV Cameras in Office

The internet is flooded with multiple options when it comes to CCTV cameras. If you are unsure on which to purchase, you can always look at Hikvision CCTV camera. Ensure that you learn about the different types of CCTV’s available and have an idea on which would best suit your office premises.

Now, that you have decided on your CCTV camera, you need to know where to place them to reap maximum benefits. The main places in your office are your exits and entrance. Many people may visit your office and having cameras facing these locations can help in identifying people.

Ensure that you install your camera facing inside, rather than the outside. The reason being, the camera can easily capture images clearly without them getting obstructed by light.

Other places where you would like to position your CCTV cameras would be the reception and the work areas. Reception is a place where a lot of activity takes place. Visitors keep coming in and there might be a lot of confidential files in the system that anybody can have access to.

Having CCTV install inside the workplace ensures that all employees are at their best behavior. In case of any disputes happening at workplace, you can easily check on the recordings of the day and make quick decisions.

Installing CCTV Cameras at Warehouses

If you have a warehouse, then you might even want to think of installing CCTV cameras there too. You can consider purchasing these along with your CCTV camera for office use. Your storerooms and warehouses dock secret stuff which if left unmonitored can fall into wrong hands.

Even loading docks need to be monitored with CCTV cameras. You need to keep a check of inventory that get loaded and unloaded onto these dockyards. In case of thefts, you can easily identify the culprit and share the details with the authorities.


Ensure not to leave the secluded areas in your office. People with the wrong intention can take advantage of such areas, which if left undetected can bring a bad name for your business.