While the term “bus accident” is not one most people commonly hear, it is a troublesome occurrence around the U.S. A whopping 23,000 people were injured in bus accidents in 2014 alone. Getting a fair settlement from a bus accident is far more complex than simple automobile accidents. Buses are often owned by third parties who have specific corporations and lawyers protecting them from any liability. It is crucial to know your rights and how to proceed in the event of a bus accident. Below, are included a few of the complications you should be aware of before travelling in buses.

Government Entities

If you, or your child, are injured in a school bus crash, there are many complications to consider. As the school bus is owned by a government entity there are often time limits for when to file a claim. Missing those deadlines can prove hostile to getting any settlement. Furthermore, many government entities have special immunities to accidents such as these so having legal representation on these cases can be crucial.

Private Bus Companies

In the event you are riding anything from a Greyhound to a privately owned bus, your case may require different legalities and filings altogether. Many of these buses can be owned by national, or even international, corporations. Fighting one of them for a settlement is an overwhelming task for most. Hiring legal expertise is a must to protect your children and yourself.


For many of these legal battles it is crucial for lawyers to retain specialists to investigate the case. This includes the work of safety engineers, accident reconstructionists, medical practitioners and forensic professionals. Having access to all of these resources is nearly impossible for the average civilian, so enlisting a lawyer on this kind of case is a wise decision.


Many different injuries can be sustained in a bus accident. Companies should be held accountable for anything from skin abrasions and fractures to brain injuries and death. Companies should also be held liable for any current or future loss of wages, as well as property damage and emotional or physical trauma.

Act Quickly

There are many resources and powers available to large corporations that are not available to civilian victims. Enlisting the help of a lawyer immediately after an accident is a crucial step in getting a jump on the responsible party and ensuring proper representation. In order to have the facts shown in your court case, you must have all available resources looked into by your legal party. There may be many factors not taken into account on your initial thought process of the accident and facts you cannot afford to have the responsible party obscure.