Just like house pricing, a domain name also has its worth. You can go to the internet to find out how much a house is worth. Through the internet, you can also value the internet real estate which is comprised of the domain names.

Of course you need to first acquire a domain name for your website then domain it. Domaining is basically monetizing, buying and selling of domain names in order to earn profits. A site like domaining.com could help you with the process. You need to also discover the most popular domain niches. These are such as travel, jobs, education, hotels, 3D, products and services. You can make cheaper purchases and later resell for a profit.

Online tools for domain valuation can help you determine the value or worth of your domain name. One of the tools you can use is Instica. Other common valuation tools are Esibot, Website Outlook and Valuate. Though these tools may not provide the exact value of the domain name, they can give an estimate.

Esibot and Valuate are similar in the valuation algorithm they use. This is based on keyword metrics that include cost- per- click data and data of previous sales. Website Outlook gives values that are based on performance of a website through indicators such as Google rankings, backlinks and Alexa traffic rank.

Free Domain Appraisal Tool Instica Review

Instica is aimed at providing analytics and research data on online domain names. They do this by offering best data collection services and information. This information is thorough because it is gathered from all over the web. They value their customers and give them the best information that they require.

Instica provides domain valuation for free with a very good and efficient appraisal platform. Its domain calculator, instimate, calculates the worth of a domain using experienced analytics along with world class technology. More to that, instica maintains the domain instibase, domaining news syndication which covers latest topics featured in the domain industry and domain database.

With instica.com, you will get instant domain appraisal. A good domain name’s value depends on some factors such as past sales, demand and market value. You can go to the DN journal to get the domain sales reports. It will show you that end- users are more willing to pay more for domain names while others will pay less than even the appraisal value.

A valuable domain name may be worth so much on one valuing site than on another. For instance, the domain name AutoInsurance.com. This is because it is not being utilized to its fullest potential. The performance stats of the domain are lacking as compared to other high performing websites that are used daily.

Online domain valuation tools basically give an estimate and should not be used as the final buying price.