Many of us have lamented our inability to have a flat belly. On a deeper level, vanity has really fuelled our desire and we want to look better. Our belly is seen as the center of our body and also the center of our being. People with ideal belly are seen as those who can keep their condition in a good shape. Many people consider weight loss programs as a way to have slimmer belly.

They want to achieve this goal through proper exercise and diet. By having good physical shape, they hope that they will have better relationships, pleasure, career, self expression and sexual experience. In their flat belly adventure, they will seek any methods.

Unfortunately, many of these methods don’t really lead us to flatter belly. It really has nothing to do with exercising hard at the gym and dieting. Of course, we do need to exercise and have healthy diet, but; these are other things that we need to consider:

4 Easy Ways To Have Flatter Belly

1. Breathe properly:

It turns out that stressed out people are more likely to have bigger belly. In this case, we need to breathe properly to release stress. People who have stress may have disrupted digestion process and this could result in bigger belly. Simply by breathing deeply, we could release some amount of stress from our mind.

2. Have a strong desire:

Dieting and regular exercise are good, but we can achieve them only through strong desire. In fact, we should focus on our desire first, instead of the technical details. We should listen deeper into our desires and we will find out that everything we do will contribute to the goal of melting the fat away from our belly. The truth is, our body also wants to lose weight.

It has the tendency to be alive and energized, instead of being trapped between thick layers fat. People who don’t have strong desire tend to procrastinate and this will cause them to stop exercising and dieting.

3. Eradicate stress:

Stress is something that we need to eradicate soon and it is quite obvious that we often take solace in overeating and junk food. This may swerve us away from the desired path of having flatter belly. In fact, even if we eat something as healthy as a stick of carrot; it could actually cause us to pack on the pounds when we are stressed out. This happens because our mind could affect the internal metabolism.

Stress increases the production of stress hormone, known as cortisol. In turn, cortisol will increase the production of insulin, which causes us to store more fat and stop burning fat.

4. Have fun:

People who are happy and feel excited all the time are more likely to be happy and slimmer. As mentioned preciously, stress can affect our digestion process and slow down our ability to burn fat. On the other hand, pleasure can boost our metabolism and it tells our body that we are not under threat and it isn’t necessary to conserve fat as energy reserves. When the fight-or-flee responses are not present, our body will be able to digest food well and burn calories better.

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