Americans love to eat; their culinary art is directly proportional to their eating habits. Let us now check out some of their favorite food that is usually oily and meaty. Let us begin with the all time favorite:



This chunk of pork with silky sauces is a must have for all Americans; there is no right time to gorge at it as it can be eaten and enjoyed anytime of the day. Every American house has their very own version of the meatloaf and every house claims theirs to be the best. Thank god this beautiful recipe was imagined and created.

Next on the list is something no one can miss, it is the chicken fried steak one of the best food classics, tenderized meat that is pan fried and the white pepper gravy waiting for you to dig into it. The chicken fried steak has been on the menu for generations and it just keeps getting better.

Macaroni and cheese

Toddlers to adults everyone loves macaroni and cheese, the melted kraft makes it a delicacy among the fussy kids. This dish can be enjoyed and one can never get bored of this cheesy affair! Don’t worry about the carbs as the tasty macaroni and cheese will leave you mesmerized.

Hot dogs

American food is incomplete without hot dogs, while watching a game or just chilling with friend’s hot dogs just compliments every reason to celebrate and brings out the best results. The lustrous sausage inside the bread will make you fancy for more than one and then of course you can choose your favorite sauce to be accompanied with it, from barbecue sauce to a little tangy mustard that suits your taste buds.

Now for some crunch and while everyone loves French fries the Americans have twisted those potatoes into Tater tots, the daily intake of this American snack is beyond imagination. Your taste buds will always miss them and you will be confused who to listen to, your body or the taste buds!

Let us get back to some family time and this is incomplete without the Pot roast, last but not the least this is an ideal American family dinner. Every generation has some sentiments attached to this mouth watering juicy delicacy. The beef chunks roasted with carrots, onions and potatoes infuse tremendous flavors and it is best accompanied with red wine.

With so many American classics you can never be bored of the food here, too many choices to choose from and every dish will make you want it more.