It’s really not as if there aren’t thousands of fantastic reasons to visit Cornwall at any time of the year. Nevertheless, regular visitors and locals alike would no doubt argue that there really is no Cornish season quite like the spring. To make your visit even better, make sure you book your stay on a fantastic holiday cottage around the St. Mawes peninsula.

It might not be the most popular time of year to visit among the usual tourist hordes, but you can rest assured that after a single visit to Cornwall in the springtime, it may be the only season in which you consider returning.

Here’s why:

1 – It Arrives Early

First of all, if you prefer to get your own spring season off to the earliest possible start, Cornwall is the place to head. The spring begins in the southwest of England considerably earlier than it does anywhere else, which means that while millions are still braving the tail end of the winter, the lucky folks down in Cornwall are already celebrating the arrival of spring.

2 – It’s Simply Stunning

Unsurprisingly, the early arrival of spring transforms the Cornwall landscape into one of extraordinary natural beauty. The whole place explodes in colour and vibrancy to such an extent that you cannot turn your head without seeing something stunning. If you choose to travel by car, you will know the moment you cross the threshold into Cornwall – it really is breathtaking.

3 – It’s Far Less Crowded

If you like the idea of soaking up all the incredible delights of Cornwall without having to brave the usual crowds, the springtime really is the season for you.  Along with a fantastic weather, visitors at this time of year also benefit from quiet streets, quieter beaches and comparatively deserted roads.

4 – It’s Also Much Cheaper

In addition to the place being much quieter, you may also find that it is much cheaper to visit Cornwall during the springtime. Prices for pretty much everything inevitably go up during the summer, so why not take advantage of springtime bargain rates while you can?

5 – It’s Right On Your Doorstep

Last but not least, the fact that Cornwall is technically right there on your doorstep and incredibly easy to access means there really is no reason notto consider paying the southwest a visit this spring. Jump in the car, hop on the train or bag yourself a bargain bus ticket and revel in the kinds of delights the usual summer masses unknowingly pass up.

6- It’s the best time to see seals

Grey seals have also been feeling the cold and winter storms. Coinciding with their breeding and pupping season, winter has brought troublesome adventures to many of them but thankfully the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has been there to help them out along the Cornish coast.

Go to the Sanctuary and catch these beautiful creatures as they are treated and receiving rehabilitation before they are released back into the wild.