Having good quality luggage in your possession is important, because you never know when you need it. Since people tend to take tours of different lengths, it is also helpful to have another set of different size matching pieces. When you buy a set of luggage like an overwhelming expensive purchase seems to be, it is not to be. Many times when luggage is very expensive, it’s because you pay for a designer luggage’s┬áname and not for processing. Here are a few good quality luggage sets that do their job well, lasts a long time, and still look like their more expensive brothers at a far cheaper price.

Nine West Pop Batik Five Piece Travel Bag Set

Depending on the type of travel you do, you might be a person who needs a travel bag set over a traditional suitcase. This set comes with fashionable bags in a variety of sizes that can help you will take with you for a weekend or two weeks. The largest duffle comes with wheels for easy maneuvering. Every modern necessity can be found in this series: laptop compartments, integrated ID tags and easy to wash to a fabric. For under $ 400, you have a suitcase with a generous 10-year warranty.

Nautica charter Three Piece Luggage Set

The luggage set comes with three pieces, and you can choose from black, blue, gray and choose. If you bring a lot with you, need and want to take to minimize the number of bags you, this set is a good option because the pockets are great. The two-tone fabric has reflective properties, and it even comes with its own removable laundry bag. Another advantage of this set with larger pieces is that they are very light. If you have to bring a lot with you, you certainly do not want a heavy suitcase to make your load heavier. This rate is also less than $ 300.

Pierre Cardin revolution Four Piece Spinner Set

This set is just as attractive as a high-end designer luggage. Since it comes in red or brown, it will be easy on the hub site if you have to pick it up after your flight. The four-wheel spinner system makes it easy to turn the luggage on the spot, and the dead, comes in a set with a laptop compartment. It is an attractive set with modern functionality. The best part is, all four pieces can get for less than $ 300.
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