The low carb and high fat diet is gradually being listed as one of the beneficial mode to lose body weight as well as to maintain general health. Many people, especially women are keen to shed gained weight.

Women at any age prefer to stay slim and fit. They try to follow all kind of diet plans to have their desired dream of regaining their sex appeal. Keto diet is one of the beneficial diet plans.

Normally, keto diet is meant for men hence women are not advised to follow the diet. Presently women plan keto diet combined with alkaline diet.

Few Informative Points On Keto Diet For Women

Why they need to Combine the two?

Keto diet raises the glucose level in the body to restore energy, where as alkaline diet is the best to reduce the symptoms of aging. The combined efforts help in detoxification and reduce the effects of inflammation. Even helps in curbing hunger and prevents stress.

Alkaline diet is mainly followed to act as preventive method against infertility. It helps in maintaining healthy cells and enhances the functions of gut. It is known to be best cure for eliminating acidity symptoms. The alkaline food mainly to be included in your diet are beets, broccoli, basil, avocado, peppers, peak, swede, squash, onion and artichokes. There are charts available on websites stating the proportions of alkaline present in the food items, helping you to plan the diet.

While following keto alkaline combined diet, you need to restrict the intake of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy products. Even intake of protein, nuts and lentils should be less.

More Information about Keto Benefits for Women –

Ketogenic diet involves high amount of fatty food, not the processed ones, protein rich food to some extent and negligible carbohydrates. Hence, the best diet to balance all the essential hormones in the body. Women experiencing the drawbacks of menopause often experience hormonal imbalance. Gaining of belly fat is one of the prominent unfavorable issues of hormonal imbalance. Keto diet will help in reducing undesirable fat.  Moreover, smooth functioning of hormones is needed to stimulate the functions of reproductive organs.

The metabolism rate of the body works normally reducing burning of calories and glucose turning into energy. Even the bones get required calcium to stay strong. Due to menopause women often complain about pain in their knees and legs affecting their mobility. Having Keto diet will surely enhance their activity level and reduce fatigue.

Women suffering from Thyroid are greatly benefited by following this diet plan. The thyroid affecting hormone T3 stimulates more energy in the cells, thus increasing the metabolism rate. Even the presence of hyperthyroidism symptoms can be reduced considerably.

The successful weight loss plans of keto diet has satisfied women of all age groups as it has enhanced their fitness level and helped them achieve their desired body shape.

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