One of the world’s highly renowned companies, Gartner, has recently released 2016 IT spending forecast for information technology sector. This research report covers up various categories of IT sector from IT services, enterprise software to upcoming devices and communication services which will be changed by the year 2016. Here, some of the important points about the report are included which can definitely help IT companies and managed IT service providers (MSPs) to revise and set up their strategies to find out more growth opportunities in the year ahead.

Being an IT company your data centers keeps a great importance for the growth of your company. According to the report day-by-day it is becoming hard for organizations to manage their own data centers because by the year 2018 organizations will require to have more capacity of their data centers. If you are a MSP than this can be a very great opportunity for you expand your business as data center market is expected to grow approximately 3% compared to that of year 2015.

According to the report, software sales market will see a great rise in the coming year. Though, it was not good in the previous year but in upcoming years it is expected to have a growth of more than 5% in the sale of software. This is extremely great news for almost all software companies as these could be a chance for them to attain more growth. However, both data center and software markets are expecting growth but this year there could be a decline in the computer device, mobile phones and hardware market. But, there are some good chances of growth in latest technology Smartphone market.

Cloud models are widely being accepted by the startups and small businesses, so there can be an excellent growth of the cloud service providers and they are expected to up by 3%. Another important field of IT sector, communication industry, may down by coming years because of abolishment of roaming charges. This will definitely, decrease the revenue of the communication service provider. However, mobile voice and mobile data traffic is expected to increase but the communication services provider companies which generate their revenue by roaming charges and premium will acquire a huge loss.

The companies that offer IT operational support may have to face slower growth rate, however, it is steady from the last four years. Tough, there will be a slower growth rate but there are some positive points also. Small and mid-size business, especially those involved in banking & finance and technical fields may plan to increases their IT operational budget and this can be a great option for MSPs to generate more revenue. Emerging market trend many also affect the IT growth but that can hardly put impact on global enterprise software spending.

Concluding all this important factors, there can be a great opportunity for the MSPs which will provide more effective services to their client, to have a tremendous business growth.