When going on a road trip, each of us wants it to be easy, convenient and budget-friendly. This statement is especially relevant in case you travel with children, as they require more comfortable conditions.

If you are planning a family journey to Orlando, then the choice of the way of getting between its numerous amusement parks is a very important issue. Since public transportation cannot provide the necessary amenities, Value car rental at MCO airport in Orlando will be the best choice. But which car to pick up? Well, here are some excellent 7-seater options for a family road trip…

  1. Opel Zafira Tourer


(photo by presretac)

In many cases the price for car rental is the major decisive factor when choosing a particular car model. Opel Zafira Tourer is one the most budget offers, which makes it very popular among customers. In addition to the affordable price, the minivan is distinguished by reliability and good quality.

The family car is designed for 7 seats and provides the renter not only a modern body design, but also a rather stylish and thoughtful interior, equipped at a high enough level. Aerodynamic properties and innovative engine ensure the efficiency of the car – its fuel consumption is only 5.7l/100 km. This fact significantly reduces the cost of long-distance travel.


  1. Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

(photo by Thoroughbred Ford)

If you look at the new model of Ford Galaxy, only such characteristics as reliable, modern, and safe come to mind. The simplest configuration has already installed climate control, 3 rows of seats, electric windows, power steering – the minimum set, positively affecting the quality of travel. The car features 7 seats that allow feel comfortable each passenger, even in the case of a big family trip.

The middle row consists of three separate seats that may individually move in the direction of travel, or can be folded. In addition to this, the lack of a central tunnel makes sitting in the middle as convenient as possible. In the third row, even a tall adult will feel quite comfortable thanks to the high ceiling and the ability to move a seat in front of the passenger.


  1. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

If your family gets cramped in a regular standard car, Citroen Grand Picasso is a good alternative. The car has 7 seats, while the second row is adjustable and allows you to change the width of the space for the legs of passengers in 2nd and 3rd rows. The first row seats are very comfortable, equipped with armrests, side and lower support, and when traveling long distances they don’t cause fatigue. The windshield, transiting into the panoramic roof gives the cabin additional the visual space. This is a real bonus for passengers who like enjoying excellent landscapes appearing around.

Despite the sufficient capacity, the length of this family car doesn’t exceed the size of a regular full-size car – the length of the Citroen C4 is even slightly shorter, and the driver won’t have any difficulty in maneuvering in the city. You should also note the good quality of sound insulation and interior finishing materials. There’s the complete absence of any squeaks of plastic panels, and the road noise doesn’t exceed the limits of comfortable perception.


  1. Hyundai Grand Santa Fe


(photo by SAUD AL-OLAYAN)

In order to turn the urban crossover into a full-fledged family car, the developers have increased the length of the body by 205 mm. This made it possible to install a third row of seats while maintaining a small luggage space. These actions didn’t completely change the composure and vigor of the car due to the excellent indicator of drag – Santa Fe has one of the best parameters in the class of crossovers. As a result, the big Hyundai is a very soft, economical car with good acceleration dynamics.

During the long journey, the driver will be able to appreciate the work of the active security systems, including five different services. If necessary, sensors of condensate on the windshield activate the work of the directional climate system that prevents the glass from fogging. The salon offers passengers enough space for comfortable traveling.

Among all the 7 seats available in the car, only two rear seats may be uncomfortable for tall adults – due to the low ceiling, the third row is still more suitable for children or teenagers.


  1. Mazda CX-9

2017 Mazda CX-9 Release Date

(photo by John Fritman)

The stylish and charismatic exterior of the body, resembling a racing car with its features, hides just a huge interior, the comfort and spaciousness of which earned the high rating of customers. This is one of the best family cars – it can be operated on daily city trips and immediately boldly go on long journeys, taking with you a large company of relatives or friends.

The car has 7 seats placed in three rows, which allows everyone without exception to enjoy the perfect view around. The rather rich basic equipment provides the driver and passengers with luxurious interior finishing, heated comfortable seats upholstered in perforated leather, high-quality Bose multimedia system, a panoramic sunroof and many other useful options.