Spark, launched by apache is an open source framework that has lately taken the entire world of big data and data analytics by a storm. With the options of making the processes easy, fast and easy analytics, this proves to be highly useful in cases when you have to deal with huge quantity of data. If you are willing to take up an Apache Spark and Scala Course, there are a few basic things that you should know off. For instance, you should have an experience about how programming is done and the basics related to Scala as well.

Since apache spark is considered as one of the biggest things in the industry of big data, your apache spark and Scala course in Chicago will mainly discuss the way it is used commercially to deliver to the clients. Some of the major users of apache spark include Amazon, yahoo, NASA, etc.

Scala is a programming language and out of all the options, it is seen that spark is most compatible with Scala. Another option that a lot of people consider is python. Before getting into the other details, it is important to understand as to why you should use Scala in comparison to the other language options like python, R, java, etc.

Ø  Compatibility

Since apache spark is written in Scala, it becomes easy for the developers to work through this.

Ø  Complexity

The amount of complexity involved in the case of Scala is quite low in comparison to that when other languages are used with a spark.

Ø  Safety

One major reason behind the popularity of Scala is the safety features it provides. In spite of the requirements and focusing on the dynamics, the Scala does not compromise on the security at any possible level.

Ø  Libraries

Apart from the basic libraries that are usually present in each of the languages, Scala is special. The libraries of Scala are specifically designed keeping in mind the concepts related to linear algebra, scientific computing and number generation.

Ø  Productivity

Along with ensuring the high level of performance of the programming at the client side, apache spark and Scala are known to maintain the perfect balance between the performance and the productivity of the developers and the applications that are developed.


Working on the concepts of object oriented programming, Scala is never a difficult option to use for the developers. Even if someone is not that great at programming, you can master the concepts and usability of Scala with complete ease.

Ø  Reduced code

Since the amount of complexity of Scala is low, you don’t have to write as much of code as is needed in java. For instance, if you are writing one line of code in Scala, it will be equivalent to around 20 lines of code in java.


Compare any of the other programming languages and you would see that nothing is as good as Scala when it comes to the API coverage.

Considering all these reasons, it is time you take up the spark and Scala course and learn about the new paradigms of coding and web development.