Many people do not know what a promise ring is meant to signify. The confusion around it is understandable because it can be used as a purity ring, a pre-engagement ring and so much more.So what exactly is the purpose of a promise ring? On which finger should one wear it? Can men wear promise rings, or are they only worn by women? Since they are not worn to solemnizean engagement,when does one give a promise ring? Can you return a promise ring if you cannot fulfill the promise you made earlier?There are so many questions surrounding the exchange of promise rings and we are here to answer all of them. This article will shed some light on what you need to know about promise rings.

Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

What Is a Promise Ring?

A promise is a form of commitment made by a person, a couple, or a group of people. A promise ring is a physical representation of the promise they make. People in a romantic relationship may wear it to signify that they will stay committed to each other. It can also be given as a sign of a couple’s fidelity.Ideally, promise rings are given before an engagement as a representation of one’s devotion to the relationship. In other words, when you receive a promise ring, it means that your partner is ready to take your relationship to the next level. When you accept a promise ring, it means that you share the same sentiments.

What is the Meaning behind a Promise Ring?

As the name suggests, promise rings represent promises shared between people. However, each individual can have a specific meaning. What a promise ring means to one person does not have to be the same as what it means for another.
For many people, promise rings guarantee future engagement, but some give it as a general symbol of commitment to one another. You do not have to follow up on a promise ring with an engagement ring.

When exchanged by a couple, the two people are promising themselves to each other.There is a lot of weight that comes with wearing a promise ring. You can purchase a promise ring for your girlfriend if the two of you are serious about your relationship. It shows that the two of you are more than dating now, and it shows the outside world that you are not open to romantic relations with other people.

A Little History

Promise rings date back several centuries to when couples used to wear these rings to demonstrate fidelity and loyalty to each other. Even though many people still do not understand the meaning behind diamond promise rings, this is not a new practice.Modern promise rings have been trending since the last decade. Liam Hemsworth wore a promise ring for Miley Cyrus.This inspired other couples to do the same. As you can see from this example,promise rings are not worn only by women. Men can wear them as well.

What is the difference between a Promise Ring and a Purity Ring?

Many people confuse a promise ring with a purity ring because promising to be committed to someone can be roughly translated as a commitment to staying chaste because you have your eye on someone.So are these two rings the same or not?A purity ring usually represents a promise between you and God, that you will stay pure until marriage. Because of this, we can say that a purity ring has a meaning synonymous to that of a promise ring.

These terminologies can be quite confusing, so let us break it down further. When one talks about remaining chaste, it means that they do not want to have romantic relations with anyone, and in this case they wear purity rings.

As mentioned above, promise rings can be exchanged between people who are in a serious romantic relationship. This means that a purity ring and a promise ring cannot possibly be worn for the same reasons.Does that settle it then?

Promise Ring – Timing and Etiquette

Now that you understand the meaning behind gifting diamond promise rings, you can easily determine the best time to gift one to your spouse.It isthe etiquette surrounding the gifting a promise ring that you might have a problem with.

To make it clear, you should only gift your spouse a promise ring when both of you share a mutual agreement. Both of you should be serious about the relationship and the ring should not be taken lightly because it is meant to signify a seriousness to the commitment of being exclusively for each other.

If you are cohabiting with your partner, this is not reason enough to purchase a promise ring for them. It is not uncommon to have couples living together when they are not really in love. Sometimes, a spouse might find it hard to move out simply because of tough economic conditions.

On which Finger should you wear a Promise Ring?

Everyone knows how to wear engagement and wedding rings. However, not many know which finger to wear a promise ring on.Couples get to choose which finger they want to wear the promise ring on. Because it is a promise between two people, they get to set the perimeters of how to wear the ring. If you are gifting a promise ring to your girlfriend, let her decide where she wants to wear it. She is free to wear it on her ring finger or as a pendant around her neck. You should go with whatever feels good to you. If you wear yours on your ring finger, you do not have to stop wearing it when you get married. You can move it to the ring finger on your right hand.


As you can see, the purpose of wearing promise rings is not so hard to understand. As a serious couple, you can use it as a representation of something that only the two of you know about.