A lot of students spend their time worrying about the essays that they have to write for their college application. It is understandable that students worry about essay writing so much. The essay you write for your college application can be the deciding factor. It can either make you or break you. With so much on the line depending on the essay that you will write, it is only natural to worry about it. A lot of students pay for research papers and college essays so that they can master the art of essay writing. In this article we will talk about how to write an excellent essay that will get you a seat in your favorite college.

  • First Understand the Question:

This is the first step. You must understand the question. Try to ask yourself what is the motive behind giving you this topic. There will be certain keywords in the question. Underline these keywords and try to think about the gravity of these keywords. The question itself will dictate the tone that you need to adopt in your essay. Once you understand the question, you won’t have much problem in developing an outlook for writing the essay.

  • Don’t Stick to the First Draft:

Some students submit their first draft as their essay. The first draft should never be submitted as the final essay. We are not questioning your essay writing skills. Chances are that you will end up with an excellent essay in your first attempt if you are a seasoned writer, but most us are not seasoned writers and we make a lot of mistakes. Once you have finished your first draft, read it and try to find the errors. Try to scrutinize the essay and search for any possible scope for improvement. In fact you should make it a habit of reading your own work and improving on previous draft. Only when you are completely satisfied and confident of your work, you should make the final submission. Adopting this strategy will minimize the errors and will also develop your essay writing skills.

  • Write Your Essay in a Proper Format:

By format we are referring to the structuring of your essay. A good essay has three basic elements. They are 1. The introductory paragraph 2. The main argument and finally 3. The conclusion. All of these parts are equally important if you want the evaluators to praise your essay. The introductory part is supposed to be short and simple. It is supposed to give the readers a hint of what they can expect in the main body of the essay. Never make it too long. The main body or the main argument section of your essay is where you write your thoughts. This section can actually be divided in to various sub sections. Your tone must be uniform throughout this part. And then there is the conclusion. You must write conclusion in a way that it conforms to the main body of your essay. Any conclusion that you right must be derived from the main argument that you have provided in your essay.