Partition hard disk tool permits you to extend C drive, fix low-disk space problem, organizes disk space excellently on GPT and MBR disk. This tool is extremely free for the home users. The disk partition software is available for vista, XP and windows 7. It supports various languages like Polskim Deutsch, English and many others. The key features of the hard disk partitioning software are merging, split, resize or move, delete, create, format, wipe and many more partitions to create excellence use of the hard drive capacity. By making use of this tool, you can able to move or resize partitions without indulging in data loss, extending the NTFS system partition devoid of rebooting to get utmost PC performance. Moreover, it safely combines the two adjacent partitions to a bigger one without missing any data. Besides from that, it aids in copying entire hard-disk from one drive to another or else migrate operating system from HDD towards SDD without reinstallation of windows. You can also make fifth volume with the existing four volumes by including this partition hard disk tool.

About Partition Magic X64 Software:

The partition magic x64 is utility software available for hard-disk drive partitioning which was originally created by the leading power quest corporation in the year 2003. This specific software runs on windows OS such as XP, 2000, 98, Me and NT or else from a bootable DVD/CD. Moreover, this software also has the capability of creating different drives or partitioning, resizing and many other modifications in hard disc drives devoid of losing any essential information on hard disc drive. The partition magic is highly capable of resizing FAT or NTFS partitions without losing any data as well as move and copy partitions, adding other disks. This software also includes various other features like ability to convert between FAT and NTFS, alter the cluster-size of NTFS and FAT file system as well as combine adjacent NTFS and FAT file system. All these process are carried out without any data loss.

Functionalities Of Partition Magic:

The partition magic x64 has many functions in terms of partitioning hard drive like change cluster size, delete partition, create partition, unhide partition, convert file system, explore partition, move or resize partition, format partition, copy partition, unhide or hide partition and many more operations in few seconds. These functions are done under data protection mode so there is no need of worrying about data loss in any situation. Other than that, the software also has some advanced functionalities like rebuild MBR, covert disk partition table or DPT format from GTP to MBR, move or resize system partition, recover data, convert file system and many more. Apart from that, it also supports the removable disks and hence provides 7 varying editions to fulfill the assorted needs of the end-user. partition hard drive is extremely easy to download from online sites to have non-destructive, versatile and easy partitioning in few minutes. With the aid of partitioning tool, you are sure to reap wonderful benefits from your computer hard disk.