Arthritis has the very real potential to be an incredibly detrimental and life-affecting condition, with the worst cases of all leading to almost total immobility. Whereas some experience little more than mild and infrequent joint inflammation, others may be so badly affected that the simplest of everyday duties and pleasures become difficult or impossible.

Of course, the 21st century has brought about all manner of weird and wonderful treatments and medical procedures to help arthritis sufferers, but at the same time there are those that will always prefer the natural approach. The good news in this instance is that natural cures for arthritis not only exist, but are easy to come by and have proven to be extremely effective in many cases.

So, for those preferring a natural alternative to conventional treatments or perhaps an addition boost to complement their standard treatment, consider discussing the following natural remedies with your doctor:

Weight Loss

When arthritis strikes the lower limbs of the body, any excess weight the individual is carried is guaranteed to make the problem infinitely more painful and severe. From the hips to the knees and right down to the feet, excess weight and obesity have the potential to make what could have been a mild case of arthritis significantly worse. As such, it’s possible to gain a good deal of relief simply by shedding a few pounds and taking the strain off your joints.

Effective and 100% Natural Cures For Arthritis

Exercise More

It’s safe to say that exercising is important for your overall health and wellbeing, not to mention improving your body’s defenses against arthritis. At the same time however, exercise can also be important for helping to keep the joints supple and mobile which in many instances can be the secret to combatting arthritis. All exercise should of course be undertaken with the approval of a medical professional only, so seek advice prior to getting started.

Hot and Cold Therapy

The idea of adding heat or cold to an area affected by painful inflammation is one that’s been around for centuries and is still trusted by millions of doctors the world over today. For bringing immediate and perhaps even long-lasting relief to an affected area, it’s always worth trying an ice pack or heat pack, which, when applied for a few minutes at a time several times a day can make a real difference. And of course, an added benefit is zero risk of adverse side effects.


The spice that makes Indian food the incredibly decadent delight it is, turmeric is quite simply a marvel when it comes to its beneficial effects on the body. It’s only as of relatively recently that this particular spice has been brought into the spotlight having proven to be quite excellent when used as an anti-inflammatory. This all comes down to its curcumin content, which is now widely regarded as one of the best herbal treatments of all for arthritis and inflammation in general.


The hands of a professional massage therapist can be somewhat magical tools to say the least when it comes to providing fast and effective relief from the pain of arthritis. By knowing where and how to manipulate the joints and muscles in the ideal manner, the therapist can help restore mobility and suppleness while at the same time bringing important pain relief.

Herbal Treatments/Supplements

To take just a quick look at the sheer volume of herbal supplements on the market today for arthritis relief is to get a good idea as to how far things have come over recent years. There are simply thousands of different products and product combinations which over the course of several generations have been tried, tested and verified in their effectiveness many times over. There will always be those who dispute the effectiveness of herbal remedies, but scientific evidence suggests otherwise. What’s more, to choose natural herbal remedies is to give your body a dose of the wonderfully beneficial natural nutrients it needs, while at the same time minimising the risk of side effects and adverse reactions.


Last but not least, thousands of arthritis sufferers up and down the country quite simply swear by acupuncture as a brilliant method of bringing at least some relief to painful joints. It’s even recommended by the Mayo Clinic, with the only downside being that it’s of course not the kind of treatment method that should be attempted at home without the help of a professional. Nevertheless, it offers quick and easy relief with no side effects.