Forty percent of women in the UK suffer from a hereditary thinning of the hair or the autoimmune disease, alopecia. Alopecia results from the immune system mistaking hair follicles for intruders and attacking them until, in most cases, lumps of hair fall out. There are many variations, with symptoms ranging from completely bald head patches to longer hairs breaking and not growing back.

Alopecia affects both men and women, but for women especially, the experience of hair loss can be dreadful. For one woman in particular, a backbencher PM and public figure, experiencing alopecia was especially difficult.

Her name is Nadine Dorries. A politician who also participated in the reality TV series ´I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ Her worst blow (following sinking so low as to appear on said popular celebrity-graveyard crowd pleaser) came when she discovered her bald patch was shown during an interview on ITV’s News At Ten.

Eat Steak To Stop Alopecia?

She cried for many mornings to come and tried every diet, she could find an article on. She tried everything, but nothing was working. Friends and collogues all had opinions, but all was to no avail until finally she spoke with an acquaintance who had recently suffered from male pattern baldness but regained his hair.

He suggested she try a doctor who was experimenting with a new type of treatment called nanopeptide Mesotherapy. Therapy involved a weekly injection of vitamins, minerals and peptides directly into the scalp. Mrs Nadine would keep a hot water bottle on her head to encourage blood flow.

Dorries had read that a protein found in iron called ferritin was essential to good hair maintenance. With her husband being a piscatorian, she was eating a healthy diet of fish and vegetables – but she lacked iron intake. She took action. Bacon for breakfast, ham for lunch and steak every night.

With a combination of therapy and red meats she started to see positive results. Within a month of treatment her hair had stopped falling out, and within a year her regular hair grew back.

There are many reasons for alopecia, the main one is thought to be hereditary, but stress and other autoimmune diseases can also be responsible. Either way, there is some compelling anecdotal evidence available to suggest that an iron-rich diet can help reverse this distressing condition.

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