DVDFab Blu-ray is one of the most powerful Blu-ray copy software available. It can also function as a Blu-ray cloner and decrypter software. We do have many software that perform similar functionality but only few are successful in this race.

It supports many features such as copying the disc, burning or writing, cloning the entire content in the Blu-ray disc. These days in order to prevent piracy and copying to new discs easily, their content is protected. It is also possible to remove the copy protection of these kind of discs and thus enabling copying into an entirely new disc or a new hard-drive in the system. Please be noted that this product helps to remove protection only for personal usage but not to share copy protected videos with others.

It provides lot of customizable features that are not easily available in other Blu-ray Copy software. One can easily get a hang of it after the first usage itself. It provides simple navigation through the menus, settings. We can even add sub-titles and get them sync with the content without any difficulty.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Review

It also provides compressing feature from BD-50 to BD-25 and also all the present running formats available in Blu-ray along with 3D format.

Let’s say we do not have a disc handy. In such cases we can prepare the back-up copy using DVDFab Blu-ray software and save this back-up to the hard disk in our computer. We can use this back-up in the hard disk to create either an ISO image or directly copy to a new Blu-ray disc.

Recently one of my kids brought their favorite English movie and unfortunately it has copy-protection enabled. Of-course we are able to watch the movie but if we want to copy that movie into our disc then it is not giving us the facility to copy. Then I started searching for one such software that can remove this protection efficiently. I downloaded many related software and installed it but only DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is able to serve the purpose effectively.

It doesn’t even requires a high-end system to run the software. Any computer having minimum of Windows XP or Windows 7 can also easily support this software. The operating system could be either 32-bit or even 64-bit. Minimum 100-125GB Hard disk space is required with a RAM of 512 MB starting. Generally most of the new systems or laptops come with more than 2GB of memory. So this is not a big deal to maintain this kind of configuration in our computers to have good compatibility with the software.

It is also required to have NVIDIA GTX 260 graphics card to have smooth running of the software. Minimum processor required for this is Core 2 Quad or even above. These days it is quite common to have these sort of processors in the systems. This helps not only to run the software efficiently but also run the disc functionalities smoother.