Golf is a relaxing game – we all know that. However, it is better not go by the definition of ‘relaxation’ because this sport is not that easy. Putting that small little ball into the hole is not so simple; it has the capability to frustrate you, if you lack precision. Missing two or three putts is not unusual, even the best players experience such a situation in championships whether held at Hirono in Japan or one of the Texas City golf courses in the USA. But you know what, this issue can be minimized if you follow these few drills and practice regularly.

Box Putting Drill

In this drill, you have to create a box around the hole and get the ball into it. Box putting drill improves your long putting skill. Start your drill with short distances and each time you succeed, move a few feet back and aim. The more you are away from the box the harder is the challenge. Find out how many shots you have taken and how many times you are successful to hole the ball. Give yourself extra point whenever the ball enters the hole. This is quite an interesting drill that tests your patience and precision.

Clock/ Circle Drill

If you think only long shots are difficult in golf, then you need to think again. Short putts are very tricky and these have the ability to make you even lose a match after you hit a great drive. So, to overcome this error, practice the clock or circle drill and perfect your high-pressure short distance putt. Here you have to place eight balls in a circle, three to five feet away from the hole. Now move around the circle and hit each of the balls aiming the hole. The moment you miss one, start again, until you are able to put them all inside the hole without any break. This drill helps you to handle the mental pressure, which players experience at the last stretch of golfing championships.

Ladder Drill

If you have problem with putting from long range, then ladder drill is just for you. The set distance for short putt will be five feet from the hole and you can work on it. But the more you are away from it, say 10 or 20 feet away, the percentage of making a successful putt will decrease. Ladder drill is designed to master putting from longer distances. All you have to do is place a few tees in the ground that are 10, 15, 20 and 25 feet away from the hole. Now start hitting from the closest distance and move to the longest ones.

Lag Putting Drill

Lag putting drill is a modification of Box Putting Drill with minor variations. Here you have to putt using one hand and your vision is blocked. The intention of this drill is to increase your focus on the target and stay stable while swinging the ball. So, while practicing this you can start with shorter distances and gradually increase the length, once you are successful to get the ball into the hole.

Putting Arc Drill

This drill helps you to master the art of stroking. Putting arc is a tool to improve golfing technique and deliver straight strokes. Arc drill helps you to develop a smooth stroke, examining the alignment of your putter face based on the target.

Once you are successful in perfecting yourself practicing all these drills, you can evolve as an excellent golfer. The layout of the golf courses in Texas, Scotland, Canada or anywhere in the world will never be an issue, because these drill will help you know the techniques necessary to hole your ball in any situation.