When packing for college, your list may seem endless! While you will likely need to bring a lot, you don’t need to take your entire bedroom with your to school. Some things will be necessary to bring, while there are others you can spare to leave behind. Here are some tips about what you should pack and what you should leave at home when heading off to college!

What To Leave:

Leave The Furniture Behind

When moving into a dorm, you will not need to bring any basic furniture so your childhood bedroom can stay intact! Leave big things like beds, desks, dressers and vanities at home; there won’t likely be any room for these items in your dorm room anyways! Dorms typically come with a full bedroom set so you will have a twin bed (or bunk beds), a dresser or closet, and a desk with a chair.

Safety Precautions

There are also items that are banned from a college campus or dorm room. Be sure to check your student handbook ahead of time to learn what these items are. Some electric appliances are not allowed in dorms since they can be a fire hazard. Other fire prone items that are not allowed include candles or incense. Obviously weapons, firearms, or explosives are never allowed.

Dorm Room Essentials: What To Pack Vs. What To Leave At Home

No Pets Allowed

Leave your pet at home! As much as your little puppy may want to come along to college with you, pets are not allowed in dorms for many, many reasons including liabilities, allergies, hygiene and more.

What To Bring:


Make sure you have your toiletries and necessities with you. This is not a hotel, so things like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, tooth paste and toothbrushes will not be provided for you. Bring these items in a carrying case. You should plan to bring any other essentials such as a hairdryer, lotion, face wash, a razor, a comb or brush, and more. Also, you may want to bring shower shoes to stay sanitary while sharing bathrooms and showers.


Unfortunately, Mom will no longer be around to do your laundry. Dorm laundry is often provided in your dorm building, but not your room. Be prepared for laundry day! Have a carrying case or hamper that you can easy bring with you to the laundry room. Also have detergent and dryer sheets with you as needed. Some schools will have washers and dryers that can be paid for with quarters, so have a few stacks of quarters on hand. Others may allow you to use a prepaid card to access the laundry facilities, so make sure you’re loaded up ahead of time! You may also want to bring a mini iron and boar to reduce wrinkles, a stain remover stick and a sewing kit!

Optional Items

In addition to the above essentials, some students choose to bring other handy items. Have an umbrella handy in your room for rainy days. Also bring some emergency items such as a flashlight, batteries, an emergency first aid kit, basic tools and surge protectors so that you are ready for anything!

Living in a dorm room is a unique experience. You will have many amenities and conveniences, but since dorms are small, you really do not have space for every single thing you may want to have with you. Plan wisely and only bring the necessities. Leave behind large items like furniture and more. Choosing items selectively will make the packing and move in process much simpler!

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