For many men, fashion isn’t always the highest priority. If you’re the kind of guy with a get-up-and-go mentality, it’s usually a matter of simply throwing on whatever is closest. On the other hand, if you enjoy living at a slower pace, perhaps comfort is the only requirement your attire needs to fulfill. Either way, what the outfit looks like is probably not of the greatest concern.

There are two well-worn adages that are truer than many realize. The first might apply to the go-getter type guy: ‘Dress for success.’ You may not be overly worried about what you wear, but you better believe it’s something others notice and take into account. If you intend on making a good impression, then clothes will very much make the man.

The next saying, more suited for those men living relaxed, is: ‘Look good, feel good.’ It’s not unreasonable to think what you put on is relatively insignificant, however clothes can go a long way towards inspiring confidence. Not just feeling comfortable, but also feeling confident you look great, will make you more self-assured.

It’s understandable to not be so caught up in fashion. Everyone leads busy lives in which dressing oneself is often merely a minor necessity. But when it comes to men’s clothing, giving a little more thought to what you wear can go a long way.

4 Simple Tips For Choosing and Wearing Stylish Men's Clothing

The following are a few easy tips to use while dressing that will help drastically improve your look without needing to become a fashion expert.

Always Wear a Belt

Belts are not only useful for keeping your pants up, but also bringing an outfit together. A belt sits literally in the middle of everything making it much more prominent than you might realize. Though it may not seem so, it’s very obvious if you’re belt clashes. Having a few belts that are black, gray, or brown and wearing the one that best matches your shoes for the day will make a subtle but significant difference.

Wear Clothes that Fit

It may seem simple enough, but all too often men’s clothing is oversized, or much too tight. Take time to find clothes that fit your body. If you’ve never had your measurements taken, head to a nearby department store and do it. Clothes that fit will not only prove more comfortable, but will make you appear better put together.

Avoid Vibrant Colors

If fashion’s not you’re thing, don’t try to force it. The best-looking men’s clothing isn’t the flashiest, but the understated. Bright colors may bring you attention because they’re bright colors, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Put another way, you want to be complimented on your ensemble, but you don’t want it to become a topic of conversation.  Stick to earthy (greens, browns, blues, grays) and other muted tones. Avoid pairing black with blue unless it’s jeans and a black top. Keep it simple.

Have a Good Suit

This old stand-by about men’s clothing always bears repeating. You should have at least one good suit in your wardrobe. Suits aren’t cheap, but they are very necessary. Take time to find a good one that fits well, is versatile for different occasions and easy to clean. Remember that even if you only have the one suit, you can still incorporate a lot of variety by having a few different patterned ties and colored dress shirts to pair with it.

Using these tips will be fairly effortless, but should make a noticeable difference in the quality of your appearance. Improving your look can help you with dating, business and your general everyday interactions.

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