In 2005, holiday shoppers had finally had enough. Fed up with long lines, rude people, and items selling out almost instantaneously, the phrase “Cyber Monday” was coined, and retailers quickly caught on. For nearly a decade, customers have logged on to different websites the Monday after Thanksgiving in hopes of finding a stellar deal. Others have logged on for something infinitely more sinister.

Cyber Monday is a huge day for identity thieves and scammers too, however. They use the day almost like a shield, protecting their transactions under a mountain of other ones. They’re betting that you won’t notice a transaction or two that they make with your information, and there’s a good chance that you won’t.

Retailers have seen an increase in fraud attempts along with a variety of ways that it’s happening, but they’re still not completely prepared. Rather than just throw numbers at you, has constructed this infographic to tell you which attacks are most common and how you can be sure you’re safely shopping online this holiday season.Take note of these tips and shop safely this holiday season.

Don’t Fall Into The Cyber Monday Identity Trap [Infographic]