With the competitive advantage businesses seek to achieve, one might ask why a business would contract an ad agency to create a marketing campaign. If advertising is the vehicle for your business to tell its story, the features and benefits of its products and services, your innovative approach — in short, why your customers should buy from you instead of your competitors – one might think no one could tell your story better than by blowing your own horn.

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There are 3 Valid Reasons to let an Ad Agency Blow the Horn:

Consolidated Experience.

Advertising encompasses the activities of a variety of disciplines from market research to web design, copy-writing to photo editing, graphic design to props and studio set-ups. How many in-company people do you think are required to do these jobs professionally and efficiently? Probably more than Human Resources has allocated to accommodate the activity. An ad agency has specifically educated and experienced professionals already on staff.

Cost and Time Savings.

Even if you have a Marketing department, those personnel may not have the expertise to compete against your competitor who outsourced their advertising campaign. There may be some in the department who have some skills, but are they sufficient for the need? That small group was hired to perform specific needed functions. Developing a full advertising campaign may not have been one of them. And as sure as an untrained horn blower will make it squawk, your staff who was assigned to develop a campaign will, at a moment’s notice, be pulled off-track – no, they were already off track – to handle a crisis that has developed because they have, by your necessity, not been doing the job they were hired to do. This is a waste of time, money, and morale.

Fresh Ideas.

Sometimes, people are so close to the operation of the company, they do not see the whole orchestra for the excitement of the horn section. Advertising is a big-picture enterprise. Few people in a company have the wide scope vision of the orchestra when they are just the brass section, or worse, just the trumpets or trombones. If you’re the CEO, the conductor, maybe a few others on the executive staff share your vision of the orchestra, but how many of them are going to mount your advertising campaign? Anyone else will give you the view from the brass section, the strings… you see the picture. An ad agency has the wide, orchestral view and they are viewing from outside. That’s the right view; it is your customers’ view. An outside view is fresh but informative, stimulating but accurate, motivating but satisfying.

An ad agency is an investment, not just an expense. You want to increase your market share. To do so, current customers need to order more and new customers need to be attracted to buy. Both need to be told why they should buy from you. To accomplish that, an ad agency is best equipped in experience, cost and creative view to put the two of you together.

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