Social media started a trend that has made social gaming as popular as it is today. Looking back, Facebook was considered only as a social platform when released on the web in 2007. Fast forward to today and we can say that it is a popular platform for gamers to both message friends and play games such as Candy Crush and Farmville. Now the internet has its own social media gaming platform and many people are asking the question; “Does social gaming have the potential to lead to online casino gaming?” It’s a valid question, especially among concerned parents of minors, and one we tend to resolve over a brief explanation of the two.

What is Social Gaming?

Social gaming can be considered as a number of different forms of gaming. It can be deemed as multi-player games, online games, games available through social media or games which are bought through app stores. Social gaming connects players to others and gives them the ability to interact with one another on a multiplayer platform. This is something entirely exclusive to online gaming unless players opt to play on PlayStation or Xbox consoles, connecting to a friend with the same console.

Can Social Gaming Lead to Online Casino Gaming?

In a nutshell, yes it can. The reason for this is that any game has the ability to lead to something that needs to be monitored, such as online gambling. The irony in this is that online gambling can be seen as a form of social gaming. The consolation parents have is that online casinos require members to be over 18 years of age. These gaming forums require identification when players sign up to play for real cash, and in some instances, before playing. Apart from this, any reputable casinos will not pay out real cash to minors. Identification is a must and as a result, this often deters under 18’s from any legitimate online casino sites.

For the Parents

Just because you don’t want under 18’s playing casino games, it doesn’t mean you can’t look to have a little for fun for yourself. See what your kids are missing out and maybe even win a little money to pay for their social gaming habits by checking out some entertaining games at, or stick to Farmville. Either way, you should give social gaming a chance!