Pearls, biryani and a cultural experience in every nook and cranny – these are just a few of the things that make Hyderabad such a favoured city, whether for business or leisure. The state-of-the-art international airport in Hyderabad is located about 20 kilometres away from the city, and there are multiple transport options once can choose from to get around. Whether one is in Hyderabad just for the day or for a longer duration, when one is required to get some place, one could use the option of public transport like buses or autos. However this could be challenging especially when the time available needs to be utilised as effectively as possible, in which case, it would be a great advantage to have a vehicle at one’s disposal.

Self Drive Car Rentals in Hyderabad

There is a lot one can do in Hyderabad from sightseeing to shopping to trying out local food. When one is in the city for a longer duration, it could prove expensive to hire a cab for the commute between meetings or slip in a quick detour for that shopping trip. In this case, when looking to rent a car in Hyderabad, one could consider the option of Zoomcar. They offer a wide range of cars from hatchbacks for a solo traveller or a small family or a sedan for a more comfortable journey. If one is travelling with a larger group of people, there are also SUVs available for rent. An added convenience is that these cars can be picked up when one arrives at the airport and dropped off just before departing.

When trying to get from a meeting in Cyberabad to lunch at one of the restaurants in Banjara Hills in the shortest time possible, it can get frustrating to coordinate with public transport options or a driver. A great solution to this is the option of renting a car from Zoomcar which offers self drive car rental India, all of which can be booked easily via the Zoomcar website or app. Just a few clicks and one could have one’s rental car waiting at the airport when arrives at Hyderabad. One can now get to all those important meetings, enjoy meals at various restaurants, go sightseeing in the old town part of Hyderabad, meet friends in different places in the city and indulge in multiple shopping sprees at one’s convenience.