If you’re buying a used car then you’ll be thinking about mileage, engine size and condition. A lot of us do care about the colour and finish of our cars but when looking for a used car there are often other factors that come into it.

This is where a car wrap comes into things. You can choose the best car you can afford in terms of make, model and condition. Then, you can begin to think about the colour and finish of your car. Take a look at the cars on offer from this San Antonio used car dealership for ideas.

Car wraps come in any colour you want but you also have the option to go with a finish such as matt, gloss, carbon fibre patterning and chrome. If you own a business then you could event have commercial details as part of your car wrap.


There are a number of benefits to a car wrap, not just the aesthetic change. Car wraps are vinyl panels applied to your car. They protect the paintwork underneath and this means that your car is going to depreciate at a slower rate.

The wrap will protect against scratches, abrasions and marks. This means the car will have fewer marks on the paintwork once the wrap is removed, compared to other cars of the same age.

If the car wrap does get damaged then it’s easily repaired. Because it’s applied in panels, the car wrap company can simply replace the affected panel.

A car wrap is a great option if you want to use your car as a source of advertising too. A commercial car wrap can show off your brand details as you drive around. A full wrap is a great alternative to individual graphics and it protects the car as well.

When it comes to reselling you car, you can either sell it with the wrap or you can have it removed. The top car wrap companies can apply and remove car wraps without it ever looking like you had one on. If you do find that you car’s paintwork has been damage by the application or removal of the wrap then you should definitely make a fuss about getting it repaired.

If you have gone for an outrageous colour of car wrap then it’s probably best to remove it before resale as not everyone is interested in bright colours. However, very trendy wraps like carbon fibre, matt black or white can increase the value of your car. Just make sure you tell the buyer that it’s a car wrap they are looking at.

Car wraps can take anything from a day to a week to apply depending on the complexity. Talk to your chosen car wrap company for an idea of how long it’ll take as well as how much it’ll cost.