There are a number of options on the current market for displaying leaflets, brochures, menus, business cards and pretty much anything and everything else you may want to have customers pickup and browse. This article will summarise the various offerings in this market place.
Leaflet And Brochure Holders
Whether you sell products, offer services or just want to have information to hand in an easily accessible brochure that can be passed to potential customers, investing in leaflet and brochure holders is a quick way to ensure you get more to customers whilst also looking professional in appearance. One major problem with brochures and leaflets is that left on a flat surface they will become untidy within minutes. This issue is exacerbated further if the desk or table houses multiple leaflets and before long they will be mixed together and confusing for customers looking to take information away with them. The best way to solve this problem is to invest in holders.

Desktop Holders
If you are using a desk, such as a reception or till to display your information, then leaflet display stands are a great option. They come in all shapes, sizes and variety to accommodate whatever size leaflets you may want to display. If you are budget conscious, you may want to invest in a multi-pocket counter holder which will allow you to display multiple leaflets. These are commonly used in hotels or tourist centres and a nice upgrade is to choose a revolving counter top. The big benefit of a revolving stand is that you can maximize display space whilst minimizing the desk top foot print which it will require.

Moving up market you could invest in premium counter stands which are typically dedicated to housing a single run of leaflets as opposed to multiple ones. These are commonly used for more important information leaflets, ones that you want your customers, clients or guests to pick up and read. This may be sales information, special offers, menus or key tourist information such as a map. If you have the space and want to look as professional as possible then investing in wall mounted holders is a great option. Although the wall mounted options are typically more expensive than their desktop counterparts if you are limited in counter top space and you have multiple leaflets to display then this is perfect. The other added benefit is that you have the option of display outside with specially designed outdoor leaflet holders that close and protect the brochures inside from the elements. Perfect if your office or business is located in a high footfall area, what better way to do some free marketing?

In conclusion, there are a range and number of options for leaflet display stands to suit any and every need on the market. Whether you are putting some information in a staff room, locating forms on a reception or placing special offers at a till point, there is a holder and stand to suit every scenario and an added benefit is that costs reduce if you buy in bulk so it is no problem if you have multiple offices.

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