In many companies, the hiring managers are at a lookout for people who have high level of mathematical competency. This is particularly true for most of the non-commercial and commercial organizations as it is a mandatory requirement. Therefore, this is a very important trait in candidates who are applying for senior or even the entry level positions.

For a hiring manager to understand the skill of the person, the quantitative aptitude online test is required to be done. These tests are created and then validates with the help of a subject matter expert. This subject matter expert could be the hiring manager himself or maybe a 3rd person assisting the hiring process. These subject matter experts have an expertise in the analysis of the quantitative data which is as per the standards of the industry.

Why Is Quantitative Aptitude Test Required?

What topics are covered in the Quantitative Aptitude Online test?

The questions in the Quantitative Aptitude Online test revolve around the following topics:

  • Algebra
  • Profit and Gain
  • Work and Time
  • Percentage
  • Ratio
  • Area
  • Age

The end results are generated quickly and the hiring manager shares the detailed analysis of the skills required for the particular job in addition to the various strengths needed to perform the job along with the weaknesses. This is particularly helpful for the hiring managers to make sound hiring decisions. The various positions for which these pre-employment tests are particularly useful are as under:

  • Entry Level Candidates for Managerial Positions
  • Senior Managers
  • Accountants
  • Finance executives

The Quantitative Aptitude online test consists of combination of theory and application questions which help them to evaluate the practical skillset of the candidates. The hiring managers must urge the candidate to practice and then come for the online quantitative aptitude tests as the factor of time is of prime importance. As these competitive exams have multiple choice questions, they must be completed within a specified period of time. Some candidates put in a lot of hard work for these competitive examinations but have no idea of the importance of time. The time provided for these competitive exams is quite short and one must only solve the questions which can be solved quickly.

The hiring manager must also guide the candidates to select the right kind of method to solve the problem. Selecting the easiest way to solve a mathematical question will obviously come from practice. Besides, there are many approaches to solve a particular question so if the candidate is able to analysethe question and the way the results could be achieved, he can be considered for a job. As a matter of fact, personal interviews alone or the online tests along cannot serve the purpose and therefore both of these methods must be used in conjunction with each other. These quantitative aptitude tests are quite tricky and therefore the time factor must be considered before sitting and adopting a technique to answer the questions. The hiring manager must ensure that the kind of questions that are there in the test are a mix and match of easy and tough questions. Only then the intelligence of the candidate can be seen.