Individually applied eyelash extensions can do more than a mascara can do as they visibly lengthens the eyelashes. And with just a single application, it can last for weeks. However, even if you are sold out with the benefits of getting a La Jolla eyelash extensions, the most important decision you should make first is to decide what kind of lash extensions to get.

Different Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Here are the various types of lashes you can choose from:

Mink and Faux-mink Lashes

This is the most expensive type of lashes. Mink and the faux-mink (man-made fibre alternative) is the lightest, softest and shiniest type. They can last longer and adhere closer to natural lashes as compared to other types. If you prefer a dark and dramatic effect, you may want to go for the synthetic type. The only disadvantage with these types of lashes is that they lose their curl if they get wet. Getting mink or faux-mink lashes takes longer to apply since more lashes are needed and they are difficult to adhere.

Mink lash extensions are brushed or shaved off from live minks. The process of getting them doesn’t harm the animals. Since they are made from real hair, there is inconsistency in the curls and diameter. Most clients love them due to their softness and natural-looking effects.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

If you have animal fur allergies or you just want a lash extension that needs minimal maintenance, then silk eyelash extensions are your best choice. Silk lash extensions have medium level realism and thickness. Silk eyelashes are also a bit thicker compared to mink and synthetic and have that fuller-looking lash effect. The most notable advantage of silk eyelashes is that they need less maintenance, which means that you can sleep with it, swim, do sports and bathe with it comfortably without having to worry of it falling out.

Another advantage is the price. Silk lashes are cheaper compared to mink and synthetic lashes. If you want to have a lash extension that’s inexpensive, glossy and is durable, then silk eyelash extension is for you.

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic lashes are made of polished, acrylic materials and are considered as the sturdiest type of lash extension. This lash extension is a bit shinier and glossier compared to mink. Though synthetic lashes come in varying curls and thickness, these are the most to many clients who want to have a more dramatic look. Due to its firmness, the curl of synthetic lashes has an extremely good hold.

This type of lash extension is great for people with health and dense lashes and is popular among young clients. But, since they are heavier compared to mink and silk lash extension, many clients will opt out in using them.