Looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to be difficult. According to the Bevan Village Care Home, the first step in when buying a gift for them is to determine what stage of the disease your loved one is.

During the early stages of the disease, the gift should not be different from what you would normally give your loved one before having the disease. However, during the later stages of the disease, gifts that are sensory stimulating must be more considered since stimulus could help bring back their memories.

Christmas Gift Guide For Those With Alzheimer’s

Below are some gift ideas for people with Alzheimer’s that you can give during the holiday season:

Early Stage Gifts

•           Activity books, like crossword puzzles or strategy games.
•           Classic movies and television shows that can stimulate your loved one.
•           CD’s and music that allows your loved one to reminisce.
•           A memorable photo album or calendar that features special family occasions and family photos.
•           A memory phone that can store photos with the contact information and names of your loved one’s family and friends.

Middle Stage Gifts

•           Erasable whiteboards that highlight key rooms or areas in your loved one’s home.
•           A large typed clock that highlights both the date and time.
•           Automatic nightlights that will light for your loved one as soon as it gets dark.
•           An automatic medication dispenser.
•           Simple craft activities that inspire reminiscing.

Late Stage Gifts

Sensory stimulating gifts can include:

•           A fluffy bathrobe or a soft blanket with a favourite colour.
•           Comfortable clothes like sweat suits and shoes with Velcro ties that can make dressing and undressing easier on a loved one.
•           A doll or stuffed animal.
•           Music and CD’s that feature songs from your loved one’s childhood or teenage years.
•           A location device that can track your loved one, if they become disoriented and wander.

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