In most cases the word dentist is the only one you need to know when you are referring to the oral hygiene. But it is recommended that every once in a while you go to a specialist instead. Here is a list of the various specialists that are available to help you with your oral health.

Dental Specialties


The endodontic is the specialist who will take care of you when you need a root canal. He is also well specialized to help you deal with the prevention, the diagnosis and the treatment of other different diseases and injuries that the pulp is prone to. The pulp can be descried as the internal soft tissues of the tooth.


This is a special type of specialist that helps you to diagnose a variety of diseases in the head and the neck with the use of the X rays, the computed tomographic investigations also known as the CT scans, the magnet resonance imaging (MRIs) and other different imaging technologies.


Well this is not an easy one. The oral surgeon diagnoses and operates on the disease in question, the injuries and the defects in the mouth, the jaw, face and generally through surgical extraction and reconstruction.


This specialist deals with the identification and the management of the diseases that may affect your mouth and face. The oral pathologists depend and rely on the clinical, the biochemical and the radiographic examination diagnosis.


If by any chance your doctor says to you that you need to see an orthodontist then it means that you may have some irregular dental development, some missing teeth or any other developmental abnormalities that may in need of correction. There are high chances that you will be fitted with braces, which are a frequently relied on treatment that is designed to establish normal function and appearance of your jaws and teeth.


The pediatric dentists are those who specialize in the providing of comprehensive dental treatments to the children, the adolescent or the young adults.


Well if your dentist thinks you have a disease that could cause you serious damage to your gums, your bones or any other tissues that bring support to your teeth then she is likely to send you to a periodontics for diagnosis and any treatment that might be required.


Well the prosthodontics comes to your help if you have a case of a missing tooth. They also work to help you if any other oral structures need replacements. Therefore any changes and additions that may be needed the prosthodontics works to your advantage and is the first specialist that the dentist will send you to.

All these specialists are well trained and made to specialize on the various sectors so that they can help you best in your oral health cases. It is very important to visit the dentist and it is equally important to take a ride to the specialist who can work on your problem. You can get recommendations of the best specialists in town from your family or friends that may have had an experience with a specialist. Your trusted dentist can also be a good source of the recommendation of the specialist that will work well with you.

Written by Dr. Darren Wittenberger, the best orthodontist Columbia MO has to offer, and owner of his own practice, Advance Orthodontics. Dr. Wittenberger enjoys sharing his expertise to ensure people can maintain the healthiest, straightest teeth possible!