Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy

This one may sound a bit strange, but it is something a lot of us don’t do, and is a major reason we find ourselves swept up in a life that we may not want, or put up with all sorts of things that make us stressed, anxious and all that other yuck.

For a variety of reasons, we deny ourselves the right to be happy. We may have issues of deserving—this is often more on a subconscious level. We think there is nothing special about us that we should have a bunch of great stuff. The idea that because things are not completely horrible ,we are selfish for wanting more is also a big problem. But, you don’t have to settle for good enough. Gratitude and appreciation for the good now is crucial, but it’s okay to want more, and maximize your life experience.

Let yourself want what you want; give yourself permission to be happy, and pursue whatever will produce that state of mind.

3 Steps To A Happier You

Make Self-Care a Priority

Caring about other people and caring about ourselves are not mutually exclusive concepts. Both can exist in the same space. Neglecting ourselves to the point our mental and physical health takes a dive, because we are tending to the needs of everyone around us is not something of which to be proud. It is not normal. It is not expected and it’s not okay.

You have as much of a right as anyone else to mental and physical health. There is no need to sacrifice yourself to meet the needs of everyone else. You have needs to, and not honoring them is just plain silly when you think about it.

Making your self-care a top priority is not selfish, it is a necessity because no one else is going to do it for you. And, if other people are a major concern, a happier, healthier you is of much greater use to everyone else.

What are you doing now that needs to change? What are you not doing that you know you should? What could you start doing immediately to change things? Don’t worry about doing a 180 overnight. Any small steps you take now can make a huge difference and create some nice momentum. And don’t just focus on basic care, make time to indulge in nice treats. Take a day off to just do things by yourself, like go to a movie or a nice lunch with friends. Get a manicure or schedule a massage. Don’t delay..act now!

Re-Evaluate and Prioritize

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, it is time to step back and see what is really going on here. It is easy to get swept up in everything, and feel like there is no way to change. But, that is never true. If you slow down a bit, and evaluate, there is lots of room for change. So, what is happening now that you wish were different? What are you doing now that you no longer would like to be doing? Where are the energetic drags? What would an ideal day look like for you?

Are your priorities a bit screwy right now? What are you doing that you consider ‘necessary’ but actually really isn’t? Again, no need to totally transform everything overnight, but you do want to start taking steps, no matter how small.