Traveling by Air was not as smooth a ride as we had thought it would be the day before Thanksgiving, but definitely a bit terrifying. As per the tracking reports of FlightStats, more than 600 flights were cancelled and most of the carriers were of Cape Air.

Cape Air which usually flies little planes like turboprop to several small destinations in the New England area had called off approximately 212 flights. One of the chief issues which flies had to come across was the delay of flights and there were even more than 5,500 flights that had gotten delayed countrywide. The flights were delayed right through the entire day and the number of flight delayed rose from 300 to about 2,700 as the day proceeded.

The number of flights delayed together with several of them being cancelled soared high, in huge number. One of the chief reasons for the delay was the meltdown in the East Coast area, as several reports came in about the coastal storm moves which could hit the lines of these busy airports.

The Philadelphia, New York City as well as airport of Boston city had to undergo a huge disruption and the worst of turbulence, amongst big airports. As per the reports at FlightStats, the Philadelphia airport had to cancel around 80 combined arrival as well as departure flights and at the New York LaGuardia and the Newark Liberty Airport more than 60 flights had to undergo the same turbulence.

The whole day there were reports about poor visibility and windy issues together with prolonged delay of flights, throughout these airports plus the New York JFK as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration.

At Nantucket, Mass the second highest disturbance was felt. Also at the Cape Cod Island around 124 flights got cancelled, thus the commercial schedule of these airports on Wednesday was sinking down. Cape Air is regarded as one of the finest and top carriers in these areas, and is known to have a huge presence especially in the Boston area, where more than 100 flights got cancelled.

The number of delayed flights was the highest at the Atlanta Airport and the number was around 439 for the departure flights, and then it was followed by Philadelphia where around 219 flights got delayed, Charlotte had 262 flights delayed.

Also in some cities the greatest of challenge was getting to the airport as parking spaces were all crammed and in a jammed up state. The huge traffic crunch together with unending long hour lines down the entrance to the airport caused a terrible havoc.