The US-Iran nuke deal has been accepted by the Congress but cautiously. The members of the Congress including the Republicans are critical about President Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iran government. Although they have accepted it but they still have their doubts regarding it. With this deal, Iran has gained US friendship and cooperation. It can unfreeze a few overseas assets and can go easy on some trade sanctions. In return it will allow US to inspect its nuclear facilities. According to Senior Republican, Bob Corker, this deal has allowed Iran to continue its enrichment of uranium for commercial purpose.

According to Corker, this deal cannot be considered as the final one as this administration says a lot but actually does little which has been seen time and again. There is holiday week in US for Thanksgiving and so both Senate along with the House of Representative are not working as of now.

Corker has originated a bill in the House which makes Iran to agree to a number of requirements before Obama can forego any other sanctions. Senator Charles Schumer too is quite disappointed with this nuke deal. According to him this bill is not a proportional one. US will reduce its sanctions on Iran and Iran will reduce its nuclear capacities and Democrats along with Republicans will meet in December to give additional sanctions to Iran.

Elliot Engel who is a senior Democrat strongly criticized this deal as he is a strong supported of Israel. According to him, this deal with Iran makes it difficult for the Powers to further their sanctions against Iran and it is very unlikely that the Congress will pass any additional new sanctions. He also made a note that the House passed the Iran sanctions bill with a vote 400 to 20. However it is difficult now to sanction Iran further as Obama has entered into a six month deal. According to him, Iran is still continuing with its enrichment of uranium when the talk is going on, however Iran should have been made to stop their enrichment of uranium before undergoing any talks or deal with them. He also said that since the deal has already been made so they will have to work on it and make it worthwhile.

Obama has already warned the Congress after signing this deal on Saturday in Geneva to pass any new sanctions against Iran as this is the first step towards a promising friendship with Iran. Any new sanction will disrupt this peace deal and will alienate them.