The Man Cave… a mythical world, a den, a lair, a truly masculine place where only a man can escape and

be surrounded by the things that he values the most… automotive goodies, football memorabilia, flatscreen TV’s, Game Consoles, gadgets and toys…

It could be a dedicated room in the house, it might be the garage or even a purpose built summerhouse or shed.

Whatever and wherever you cave, it is a man’s secret den and special place and therefore it should be decorated and furnished in ‘man style’.

Create the Perfect Man Cave

Once you have chosen your space, it is time to start turning it into the man cave.

If you have chosen the garage, then it might need a spruce up and some extra considerations.

It is a great idea and makes the space look great too, if you install easy clean flooring and insulation. This way you’ll be dry and warm all year.

However, most man caves tend to be a dedicated room or space in the home so have a think about the look you wish to create.

Ideally a basement room would be a great choice, but any room will do, just use your imagination to create your own space.

If the room is big enough then an obvious choice would be to install a pool table or bar area where you can hang out with the guys, shoot pool and enjoy a beer or two.

However, if space does not allow, then think about other ways.

A large flat screen TV has got to be high on the list.

For watching footy on Sky Sports, cheering on the rugby or sitting down to watch the latest blockbuster movie, the TV is a must and the BIGGER THE BETTER!

What Do I Need?

Comfortable seating – it could be an old leather sofa, some comfortable easy chairs or

you could even invest in some ‘cinema style’ chairs complete with drinks holders to create your very own movie area.

Surround Sound – No man cave is complete with music and a state of the art sound system has gotta be high on the list.

Whether it’s for immersing yourself in a movie or pumping out the latest tunes with shameful abandon, the music system is essential.

Games Console

With the superb sound system in place, you can take advantage of linking it all up to your games console.

Playstation, Xbox or something else it’s a great way to challenge your mates to a game or two or settle down alone to blow some bad guys away at volume!

Wall Art

OK, so you’re a man and arty stuff is not quite ideal for your man cave… so let’s think about signed football shirts, Formula one racing caps, desirable car or

motorcycle pictures or your favourite album cover artwork… whatever floats your boat, pop it on the walls for added interest or simply for showing off!

For more wonderful ideas for your man cave you’ll find a superb choice of websites available which give advice, handy tips and feature photographs of some of the coolest man caves on the planet!

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Guest post by Carl Howard, dreaming of a man cave to call his own, decorated with super cool Kartell furniture.