Bottle opener enables to remove the metal bottle caps affixed to the bottle rim. The metal cap is either ruffled or pleated on the edge of the bottle neck. Bottle opener is a device specially designed with a lever that when inserted underneath the pleated metalwork removes it. The device uses a point as fulcrum to pivot. They are available in two forms hand-held devices and wall-mounted bottle openers.

Metal bottle caps are sealed properly to maintain the quality and taste of the mild or alcoholic beverages. They cannot be opened with mere hands, but openers are specially designed to undo metal caps.

What is a wall mounted bottle opener?

Working of wall mounted device is similar to hand held tools. The only difference is that it is attached to a wall. You just have to open bottle with one hand. A cap catcher is mounted just below the opener, which catches the metal caps that fall.

Benefits of wall mounted bottle opener

  • Alcoholic bottle and liquor containers are opened easily with a little pressure
  • A safe tool in comparison to other devices like bar blade or corkscrew or ring bottler
  • No need of technical expertise
  • It does not get misplaced like hand held accessory
  • Get it customized as your needs
  • Perfect gift or keepsake item
  • It can be used as a promotional tool
  • Inexpensive and durable
  • Designed to resist deterioration due to moisture and heat

Bottle opening trend with openers is traditional, but today you can get customized ones too. Online is the best source to get a stylish wall mounted bottle opener personalized to suit your need or situation.

Shop for personalized wall mounted bottle opener on the internet. It is easy. You just need to select font, border color, and quantity then add a personalized text. Your order will take less than a week to reach you.

They can be mounted in the –

  • Bars
  • Kitchen
  • Deck
  • Garage
  • Boats
  • Man caves
  • RVs
  • Rec rooms
  • Wherever beverages are enjoyed

Applications of wall mounted bottle openers

It can be customized for your restaurant or pub. Imprint your business name on the wall mounted accessory, which can be applied daily. It displays the best blend of utility and style on the walls of your pub or restaurant.

Wall mounted designs are not just great for commercial use but can be used at birthday or wedding parties. They unseal wine bottles playfully. Wine lovers can get frustrated and it is natural they desire to have bottles with twist-off tops.

You can also get one for your home and finally stop hunting for beer bottle openers in the kitchen drawers. The wall mounted opener with cap catcher allows maximum beer bottle opening convenience. In addition, the ones with magnet-mounts allow you to fix it on the refrigerator door easily. No need to search for a convenient place on the wall to screw it.

It is also the best gift item to be given to your dad or boyfriend. Unique gifts for guys are difficult to find, but personalized wall mounted bottle openers can be a total surprise. It is an unpredictable and creative gift item even for housewarming parties.