There are many accidents of dog bites and animal attacks every year. The case can get severe if the attack is furious and you get injured badly. You must know some legal procedures to go after any kind of animal attack in which you can get recovery expenses from the owner of the animal. In this case, attorneys play an important role in claiming the loss.

In case of Animal Bite

  • When an animal bites you, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. Any kind of ignorance or carelessness can cause you more damage. Go to the nearby hospital as fast as you can or it can cause you serious infections or injuries.
  • Once you are medically evaluated, you have to consult a lawyer who is an expert in the animal or dog bite cases. They will help you know every legal procedure that you will have to go through and also help you recover the damages from the owner of the animal.
  • You have to tell him everything about the accident in detail and then they will contact the animal’s owner and talk to them.
  • The first thing that you will have to know is the owner and his details. According to the law, in case of any animal attack, the owner is responsible for the accident and the victim can file a claim against him in order to recover the damage.
  • In some states it is not the case, the owner is not held responsible until the animal is considered really dangerous and the owner knows that it can cause harm to anyone.
  • The owner can make an argument that the accident was caused because the person was provoking the animal, and hence the animal made an attack. If the owner has put a “beware” sign around the place where his dog or any other animal is, and the person still goes there, the owner can’t be held responsible.

Damages you can Recover

Once you are successful in claiming the attack against the owner, you can recover following damages from them:

  • Medical expenses in an animal attack case can be very high if the injuries are very severe. You can recover your medical bills and other expenses.
  • It is also possible that you have to take few weeks off from your job or in worst conditions you may also lose one. You can recover your lost wages from the owner.
  • Property damage can also be recovered from the owner.
  • In some cases when there is a clear mistake of the dog owner where he knew his pet is dangerous but still het let him wander around freely, the jury can punish him with punitive damages also.

Dog bites or any animal attacks can be very dangerous and fatal. You must hire a good dog bite injury lawyer from your locality that will help you recover your loss from the owner. You can also choose to fight the case without an attorney if you have full knowledge about every procedure.