A home which is away from the local community and all rush places, which is surrounded by some rocky and driest surroundings and completely for those who love to live in the peaceful and serene environment is definitely none other a place except desert area. Yes, I am talking about desert home which is a quite unique and awe-inspiring place to live. Actually I have never been in a desert but I wanted to create a place in desert, so that whenever I got vacations I can come up to that place with my family to enjoy the serene environment. So I decided to start full revamping of my desert home with extra ordinary embellishments.

Apply Aesthetic Colors to Embrace the Beauty:

Application of decent and spectacular color schemes is always a task for me whether I am decorating a place in my industrial area, my office or desert home. Actually when you are decorating your home in desert you have to keep the aesthetic color scheme, because there is no other color collection or coloring beauty in desert, only brown rocky substances are there so you must choose aesthetic and appealing colors. I thought to apply violet color for living room walls, and simpler texture over it. For further enhancements one can put photos on canvas online and hung the walls beautifully which looks perfect to the wall color.  One can also apply wallpapers but they can damage due to dust. Likewise grey, white and all light colors are useless to apply because they will create boring look in the desert area. So try to apply dark and bold colors.

Enhance the look of Grand Room for Family Gatherings:

There is always a one room in house which is confined for party celebrations or small family to get together. This room must look awe-inspiring. So first of all we thought to add simplified and graceful furniture according to home location. Too much furniture stuffing make the room over whelming so we added two big sofas’s with huge centre table. One can add matching curtains and rugs according to furniture or wall colors. Arm chairs are also the good addition for comfort ability of guests.

Create A Striking Desert Home With Wonderful Ideas

Enjoy Chilly Nights with Cozy Fireplace:

Chilly and dry nights can also be enjoyed if you create a cozy fireplace at one side of room. This fireplace can create the warmth look and give more comfort and well-organized look to the room. But proper installation of mantle and shelf is important to escape from sudden accidents.

Perfect Eating Area:

Perfect eating area with stony walls and wood centered furniture looks great and awe-inspiring in desert areas. There was a great outside view from the dining room window, so we enjoy meal with scenic views.

Would you Enjoy Outdoor Cooking?

I have mostly seen indoor kitchen but working in the outdoor kitchen with fresh air and environment really create superb feelings. Actually that outdoor kitchen meant for BBQ purposes. But we really enjoy cooking here, so we created kitchen with small dining area and little decorations with plants and roses.

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