A lot of people go shopping at their local sporting goods retailer without properly understanding that there are certain qualities that a consumer simply cannot overlook when it comes to purchasing running shoes. A person that is very serious about running is going to want to pay careful attention when looking for these attributes. Just because a shoe is very expensive does not make it a good shoe for such purposes.

One of the most important things that regular runners need to consider is whether or not there is enough breathing room in their footwear. Enough breathing room will allow the foot to stay cool and not sweat, thereby improving performance. Feet that sweat a great deal are more prone to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Feet that stay cool are less likely to fall victim to this type of infection. They also ten not to smell as bad, so it’s a double win.

That said, it is also very important that running shoe is not too lose either. If a person begins to run very quickly, they are not going to want their shoe to be moving about. This could cause friction with the foot and result in a rash, and this could also hamper a runner’s ability to perform to the full extent that they are capable of.

The next attribute is one that consumers are likely to pay very careful attention to, and this would be the comfort level. In footwear that is for everyday use, people expect a certain level of comfort. Comfort is especially important when dealing with athletic footwear. A comfortable athlete is a more effective performer and many top pros would find it hard to disagree with this.

If a consumer is to consider a particular piece of footwear to be effective, it has to be as flexible as possible. The human foot is not very likely to stay completely flat during most exercise or sports situations. The ball of the foot extends out and strikes the ground so that it can push off from it. A flexible shoe is going to allow this to occur properly.

Durability is another very important factor when it comes to choosing a shoe for use in sports or physical activity. A lot of people that like to run are going to run very regularly. Using a piece of footwear so heavily will wear it down a great deal. Footwear that is made from cheaper materials is likely to break down easily and have to be replaced relatively often, whereas footwear made from quality materials is likely to last much longer. As the old adage goes, “Buy cheap, buy twice”!

While more of an aesthetic concern than a performance-related one, the actual look of a particular shoe should be considered fairly important when you consider that many people jog or run in a public place where they will most likely be seen by people that they know. This is why they want footwear that looks as attractive and stylish as possible without negatively impacting on performance levels. If you are confident ifn your appearance, you will most likely perform better.