Many people try and avoid lawsuits at all costs, sometimes to their own detriment. While it is true that lawsuits can be long and costly, not just in money but also in time and energy, they are also an important part of a free and democratic society. Some people may feel that bringing suit against someone else makes them a “bad guy” but in many cases, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 3 times when legal action doesn’t make you the bad guy.

Legitimate Class Action Suits

While it is true that some class action suits may be “frivolous,” in many cases they are the only way to stop large corporations from engaging in bad faith practices. Class action lawsuits can help stop the production of dangerous pharmaceuticals and even force big businesses to stop producing dangerous products. In some cases, businesses may have actually bilked clients out of millions of dollars that they still have stashed away. Class action lawsuits can sometimes be the only way of getting back something that was legitimately stolen from you.

Personal Injury Claims

Both businesses and individuals have at least some level of responsibility towards keeping their premises safe for customers, guests, and visitors. Most businesses and homeowners have insurance that covers them in case of an injury on their property, but that doesn’t always mean the insurance company will pay. They may also try to pay far less than what it reasonable or fair. Even if the home or business owner is paid up on their insurance, you may still have to go to court to get the insurance company to pay a rightful amount.

Automobile Accidents

It is estimated that roughly 15% of all drivers are not insured. This forces many drivers to pay additional premiums to protect themselves against uninsured or underinsured motorists. In many cases, however, coverage limits may not cover your expenses even with insurance and in other cases, you may not have coverage against someone else’s failure to secure proper insurance. An auto accident injury attorney can help you get compensation when you are involved in an accident which was not your fault.

Not all lawsuits are frivolous or just a waste of the court’s time. In many cases, lawsuits are the only way that victims can get reasonable compensation for a wide range of issues or problems. In many cases, victims may have large medical bills they have to pay that were incurred through accidents or incidents that weren’t even their fault. The court system exists for a reason and accessing it doesn’t have to make you a bad guy.