An ideal bachelor pad has two defining traits: it should be utilitarian in design but still aesthetically classy. This means that you can still have the perfect area to crack open a beer with the boys and watch a game, but you can go ahead and do away with that leftover futon from college (along with those embarrassing posters). The following tips are designed to help you strike the perfect note between useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Color Scheme

If you want a home that looks put together without destroying your budget, you’ll want to settle on a consistently basic color scheme for your bachelor pad. This means sticking with colors that are more readily available, like a basic crimson, rather than “seasonal” or “set” colors like an orange-red. Typically a bold color accompanied by basic muted tones, like grey or black, simultaneously adds zest and class to your décor.

Decorating Tips for Your Bachelor Pad

Utilitarian Displays

It’s best to tackle what usually would be disorganized clutter with an eye towards turning it into display art. Cubed wall shelves and a modern entertainment center make for ample storage space, allowing you to proudly display your movie and music collections. If you notice that your game controllers are a source of clutter, consider investing in some sliding baskets for that shelf space. This rule of thumb also applies to your closet space. There are many aesthetically pleasing tie and cufflink displays which allow you to show off your best cornflower blue tie or bullet cufflinks without potentially losing or damaging either.


Many guys naturally reach for plain colors and décor when sprucing up their living space. Despite this natural adversity, a well-placed pattern can do a lot for a room. There are plenty of masculine motifs and colors available. The key is, as always, to avoid committing to a specific set. Mixing and matching patterns in basic colors will spare you from that sort of commitment, and it will also simplify incorporating additional pieces in the future.


Like patterns, don’t neglect the power of textures when seeking to liven up your pad. Endlessly smooth surfaces are dull. It’s much better to contrast chrome frames with chunkily textured curtains, or juxtapose your modern coffee table with a shaggy rug. Even slightly similar textures—like a woven placemat with embroidered napkins for the kitchen—can go a long ways in making your humble home look high-end.

Shop Smart

You understandably don’t want to spend a great deal of time shopping for your furniture, and most retail furniture looks, well, store-bought. If you want to catch high-end looks without effort, flea markets and thrift stores are the best place to find those one-of-a-kind looks. It doesn’t take much to liven up a dull room; a unique crown light fixture can turn a dud room into a modern gem.

Nifty Gadgets

If there’s one place where you can splurge, it’s with electronics and appliances. Every bachelor pad should aspire to have a nice television, a good surround sound system, a nice stereo system, and perhaps, an electronic bottle or wine opener. Elements like these will ensure that your pad is as comfy as it is classy.