When you need to heat a large space such as an industrial warehouse, boiler systems are an ideal choice. A boiler system is an affordable solution. Once installed, a boiler will work for decades with minimal needs for maintenance or repairs over the course of its lifetime.

Clean Heating: Why Your Industrial Warehouse Should Invest in a Boiler System

Improved Dependability

Boiler systems have a high level of dependability. The last thing that your industrial enterprise needs is a shutdown because of a lack of heating. Boiler systems today feature electronic ignitions, which means that you do not have to worry about the pilot light going out and having to call someone to come and repair the system so that your employees can get back to work. This improved dependability means lower operating costs.

Better Comfort

Boiler systems are able to deliver a consistent and constant level of warmth to large spaces such as industrial warehouses. Your employees may feel more comfortable when their work area is heated with a boiler system because the heat will be delivered consistently. This can also be better for your sensitive machinery, such as systems that use lubricants requiring a consistent warm temperature.

Cleaner Air

Today’s newest industrial boiler systems feature combustion technology that allows for the cleaner burning of fuel. No matter whether you choose an oil powered or gas powered boiler, these technologies allow the boiler to reduce the amount of particulates that are released into the air during the combustion process. Companies such as Nationwide Boiler make these clean burning boilers that can help to make the air in your workplace cleaner and healthier.

Enhanced Efficiency

You can find gas powered boilers that have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90 percent or higher. This means that 90 percent of the natural gas or propane used to power the boiler is directly converted into heat. The most efficient oil boilers available for industrial use in today’s market feature AFUE ratings of 87 percent. Upgrading to one of these energy-efficient boiler systems reduces the amount of fuel that your warehouse uses for heating. This in turn can cut down on your operating costs by a significant amount of money during the colder months of the year.

Today’s boiler systems are more efficient than ever. They deliver a high level of comfort and cost less to operate compared to electric or gas powered furnaces and heat pumps. When your warehouse needs new heating, keep these four benefits of boilers in mind.