Showers are very crucial part of any bathroom; there are many different types of showers from which to choose. Each different kind has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are also many accessories and additions to showers that cater to your individual needs and personal taste. With a little knowledge, you can find the best type of shower for your bathroom and avoid costly mistakes.

Electric Showers

This shower type has a heating element. It takes water from a cold water source and heats it up immediately with a heating element. This means that you can get hot water very quickly. Another benefit of electric showers is the fact that you can still have hot water for your shower even if your boiler or hot water heater has a problem. The heating element ensures hot water regardless.

Electric showers offer many benefits, but they also have a few disadvantages. For instance, the flow rate of these showers is lower than others, especially in the winter when the water supplied is much colder. Also, these showers require extra electrical and plumbing work. Electrical showers are more expensive to install, too.

Mixer Showers

These types of showers get water from hot and cold sources and combine them at the shower head. This lets the flow rate of the water be higher. These showers have many options from which to choose including adjustable shower heads and fixed heads. These showers also self-regulate the temperature of the water.

Mixer showers do have one main disadvantage. They are dependent upon how much hot water you have available, and the water will get cooler and cooler as the supply of hot water runs out.

Gravity-Fed Mixer Showers

These showers use water from the hot water supply. They mix hot and cold water in the shower head. These showers are very easy to install, and they don’t have complicated or expensive electrical components.

The disadvantages of this type of shower are that it can only use hot water if the water has been preheated in the cylinder first. You’ll need a large supply of stored hot water in order to make a gravity-fed mixer shower work well. The flow rate of the water may be lower with lower water pressure.

Mains Pressure Showers

These showers are able to create hot water on demand. The pressure is generally much better than other types of showers. The pressure is likened to a power shower without the need for a booster pump. It also has no need for a header tank; this helps save you a lot of space.

Mains pressure showers have a couple of disadvantages. They are expensive to install, and if you are not pleased with the pressure of the shower, you cannot add a pump to enhance it, so you will have wasted money.


A great shower accessory for shower types such as mixer showers and gravity-fed mixer showers is a booster pump. These devices help increase the pressure of the water.

Other important accessories are non-slip mats. These can help you gain proper traction in the shower and prevent dangerous slips and falls. Safety rails go even further to protect you or your family.

Ripples bathroom Dublin states that other great accessories for your shower include specialized shower heads with many different settings. Settings can make the water pulse or slightly raise or lower the pressure. Water jets also add a touch of luxury and can massage and relax you.

There are many different types of showers available; each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing which one is best for you should be done with proper consideration.

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