Looking for a beginner’s wine guide? Most people get terrified when they hear about wine. And it’s no wonder – the scope of wine is normally huge. There are more kinds and brands on the stores or wineries now than ever before. How can you be certain of the best type? What about for your visitors? How is one white wine different from another white wine?

First of All, what is Wine?

Wine is a drink or beverage that contains alcohol that is usually extracted during fermentation of. The grapes are crushed and then yeasts in converts the sugars at alcohol.

Most people use 2 categories – red or white (there are also rose or blush wines that some people count in their own category). There are lots of other ways people categorize – including the kind of grape to be used, the grapes growing region, the taste – or lack of – and even whether it is sparkling or not.

Another way to classify wines is be their purpose – for example there are wines that are meant to be taken when eating a meal. Dessert wines go great with after-dinner sweets or cheeses. Moreover, other kinds of wines such as aperitif go well before the meal or with your cocktail.

New World sellers tend to brand wine bottles mainly by the kind of grape (for example, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir). Old World sellers brand their bottles mainly by the location which the grapes are grown (for instance, Bordeaux or Burgundy).

What is the Best Method to Know?

There are lots of means to taste wine. You can try a few different wines on your own or with a friend, go to a tasting event or occasion or go on a tour of a few different wineries. 

How should you Drink your Wine?

While a lot of people like to savor a glass without pairing it with a meal, Burgundy Wines really shines when it is drunk with the right meal. There are several meals that can be used to enhance your meal experience. As your experience grows, you will be creative in the kind of food pairing you choose. Certain wine-food pairings are famous for enhancing the meal experience.

Before buying any type of wine from a wine store, you should consider first what kind of wine you would prefer to drink. This is because you would be pairing the wine with some food, so it is important to seek advice from experts or friends who are well conversant about the kind of wine that can be used with a particular food. For instance, red wine should be paired with meat, while white wine should be paired with fish.

How should Wine Bottles be Stored?

Bottles should ideally be stored out of direct sunlight in a dry place. Moreover, the bottles should be stored lying sideways to keep the cork wet. Otherwise, the cork may break or dry up and let the air in – which will hurt the wine’s taste.

One common myth is that older vintages are better. This is not always the case. There are only a few (for instance a high quality Bordeaux or Burgundy or vintage Champagne) that really age well. Most bottles are meant to be overjoyed pretty much right away.

So that’s a brief overview of the world of wine. There is obviously so much more – and that’s a good thing. Many people miss out on this amazing drink because they feel they have to know everything or get it all right. And that’s just not the case.

The good news is that because wine is so subjective, there are no wrong answers (ok, the occasional bad-tasting bottle or poor food pairing is possible – but those are just learning occasions!)