The UK is a multi-cultural melting pot of people from all countries and walks of life. Part of the great benefit of living in such a diverse society is that our food options are not limited to the same boring dishes night after night. Everything from Turkish Kebabs to Chinese takeaway is available online these days, so you don’t even need to pull out the Yellow Pages.

Chinese food has been hugely popular for decades, and it’s no surprise that Chinese takeaway shops are some of the most successful businesses in the country. But with such a surfeit of Chinese food options available, where should you start to look for your best multi-cultural food experience? It seems like just about everyone has a website these days, so you’ll need to do some digging to see what differentiates one Chinese takeaway from another.

Chinese Delivery - Get Yourself Some Great Fried Rice and Dim Sum Tonight!

Finding Good Chinese Takeaway

You’re living in Bristol and it’s raining outside. You’ve had a long and tiring day and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. You have a raging craving for some fried rice, spring rolls, and delicious dim sum, so you turn to Google and search for Chinese delivery in Bristol. Up on your screen pops a confusing multitude of Chinese food options, and you really don’t know where to begin. So, what should you be looking for? Maybe consider some of the following:

  • How late are they open? You don’t want to pick up the phone to order only to find that they’re closing five minutes later!

  • Do they offer some type of regular Customer Rewards program? This is a useful consideration because a Rewards program can save you some money if you use them often enough. Some shops offer a points system for every pound you spend.

  • Can you sign up to their website and create a customer account? By doing this, you can pay online for the food and even input multiple delivery addresses to make things quicker and easier. You might also receive promotions and special deals by email or SMS.

  • Check out their average food delivery times. Busy times can mean longer waits, but if your food is being cooked fresh rather than being microwaved in a packet, you’ll be happy to wait just a little longer for it.

Of course, you’ll also need to find out if they deliver to you in your area. They might be a single independent store with a small delivery zone or a large franchise with shops in many towns and cities in the UK.


A hungry belly can sometimes mean that we make ill-informed decisions, but if you’ve got a craving for Chinese food, make sure you do a little research before diving in and placing an order. Go through the checklist provided above and make an educated decision. You might just save yourself some money, time, and maybe even a belly ache!