Photography has been my all time favorite hobby ever since I was in my high school. But, when I finally got a job, I couldn’t cultivate this hobby anymore because obviously, I was bogged down with the work pressure. However, one day when I returned home exhausted, my wife came up to me, handed me a cup of coffee and just whispered to me- “Take out your cameras from the cupboard and embrace your long lost favorite hobby, photography. We are going for a photography trip!” I was super excited the moment she suggested me this and I didn’t even waste much time to apply for my leave application because I was already suffering from job fatigue. Wondering, where did we go on a photography spree?  No, we didn’t visit any “fancy” tourist spot. Instead, we visited some of the amazing provinces of China, which includes Sichuan and Qinghai. Trust me, anybody visiting these two provinces would surely fall in love with it. So, if you ever want to go on a photography expedition, do visit both or either of these two cities and I bet you won’t regret.

China Photography Tour: 3 Vital Questions You Must Ask The Travel Agency

If you are thinking of visiting either of these two provinces without a guide, I would say that’s not a good decision. Why? Of course because, you are about to visit a country that you have never been to before! Plus, you’ll find it difficult to communicate with the localities. Therefore, it’ll be wise if you opt for China Photography Tour package from a reputed agency, as they’ll provide efficient guides.

Apart from asking the travel agency whether they provide guides or not, there are a few other things as well, which you need to ask.

To Know About the “Things to Ask”, Read On

“Can You Show Me the Testimonials?”

Before hiring a travel agency, it’ll be wise for you to know whether it is worth hiring or not. Wondering how will you be able to know that? Well, it’s simple; ask them to provide their agency’s testimonials. Testimonials are nothing but client reviews that will help you get a fair idea about the company. Therefore, before you finally purchase a China photography tour package from a travel agency, please consider checking their testimonials thoroughly. In case they can’t show testimonials, look for online reviews and ratings.

“What’s included in the Photography Tour Package?”

The best way to determine the real value of a photography tour is by directly asking the agent/agency about the facilities that are included in the package. Well generally, all the popular travel agencies include almost every “essential” thing in a tour package such as transportation fare, hotel, meals and other charges. So, before you choose any travel agency and opt for their photography tour package, please check whether the above-mentioned essentials are included or not.

In case you see that the travel agency you have visited is not providing any of these facilities, and yet it is charging a huge amount from you then please refrain from hiring them. Instead, find another company that would provide all the necessary facilities that too within an affordable budget. Hence, please ask this question even when you are choosing a Panda Volunteer tour package.

“Can You Name the Places we will be taken to?”

Last but not the least; you need to ask the travel agency’s owner/agents about the places they have included in the trip. Knowing about the spots is necessary so that, you can at least research about the spots and gain some knowledge before you visit there. And trust me, once you come to know a lot about the spots they have mentioned, you’ll feel quite confident to visit those places.

So, these were a few questions that you must ask a travel agency, before opting for a photography tour in China. To know more about China tours, please keep following my articles.

Author Bio: Bella Zhang is a travel blogger-cum-photographer, who has travelled to almost every part of China. To know more about China Photography Tour, read her articles. Through her articles, you’ll also get information about being a Panda Volunteer.