Some might say, “there is no more arduous task than shifting weight from your waistline.” But this doesn’t have to be entirely true. Yes, it takes a little work and a little dedication, but what good things in life don’t take a bit of elbow grease? Having the right knowledge and know-how to lose weight efficiently, can really make the whole process a lot more enjoyable for everyone. It’s true that each individual is different. Body shapes and sizes vary dramatically. Genetics and your environment are all things that play a part in your ability to lose weight. But, no matter who you are or where you’re from, these five tips can be applied and they might just be the difference you’ve been looking for when it comes to easy and painless weight loss.

5 Helpful Tips For Easy and Painless Weight Loss

  1. Listen to your heart. Now I mean this in the most literal way possible. To truly understand how your body best loses weight, you really need to understand your heart rate. Getting an indication of your fitness level and listening to how fast your main muscle pumps blood through your veins can make a huge difference. If you’re doing all the wrong exercises for your body type, then you’re not going to lose any weight at all. Analyzing your heart rate is a great way to work out what kind of exercise suits you best. Orangetheory Fitness, for example, specializes in this kind of workout. Each and every class is specifically designed to suit each individual.
  2. Keep snacking. Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to stop eating yummy food. You just need to tweak your palate a little bit. Instead of keeping a bowl of M&M’s or potato chips in the pantry, try loading up the fruit bowl with berries and cherries. Snack on nuts and vegetables, which contain the good polyunsaturated fats, as opposed to those nasty saturated fats that just help to pack on the pounds.
  3. Sleep it off. There have been numerous studies indicating that people who sleep less, gain weight easier. It makes sense if you think about it. They have more time in the day to eat. It’s also a fact that while the body is sleeping it still goes to work on burning those unwanted calories. So, kick off the shoes and take a nap. Those extra few hours in the sack could help you lose a few extra calories.
  4. Fool yourself. A simple yet effective way to cut down on food intake is to shrink your meal portions. Throw away those super sized plates and bowls and switch them out for smaller crockery. Loading up a smaller plate with food will actually trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten a larger meal. It’s simple psychology and it’s been proven to work wonders on the waistline.
  5. Water is the winner. There is no better way to stave off those hunger pains than to keep hydrated. Now, I’m not talking about filling yourself up with sodas and beer, which actually do more to dehydrate you. I’m talking about sipping on a bottle of water and keeping it refilled throughout the day. You’ll be surprised what this simple little technique does for your weight loss. It flushes the toxins out your system while it keeps the hunger pangs at bay.