Sitting in a chair in your home office, you agonize about the amount of bills you must pay this month. Panicked, you start doubting you’ll ever become debt free. You even wonder if you’ll ever be able to purchase your dream home, go on a nice vacation, or dine at an upscale restaurant. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone. Thankfully, you can successfully save money on those pesky monthly bills that won’t go away.

Cash Flow - Saving Money On Bills That Won't Go Away


Do you nearly faint every month when you receive an extremely high electricity bill? If too much of your monthly revenue is spent on the electricity bill, you might need to make a few, simple changes around your home. For instance, you may save money on this monthly expense by investing in a new, digital thermostat, switching off the lights when you exit a room, and turning your heating and air conditioning system off before you travel.


To save money on your monthly grocery bill, embrace the art of couponing. You might be amazed at how much money you can save by engaging in this activity. Whenever you can realize a cost savings, buy household items in bulk. When you and your family dine out, take advantage of early bird deals. Also, drink water while eating at restaurants. Some eateries offer kids a free meal on one night of the week. If you have little ones at home, receiving this type of deal often can boost your bank account.

Credit Card

If you’re spending more money than you’re earning each month, you might need to cut up your credit cards. For many people, paying for items with cash is emotionally harder than buying something on credit. Some companies, like Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union know that when you pay for your acquisitions with cash, you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases. By managing your monthly bills, you may be able to save money towards something you’ve always wanted such as a recreational vehicle.

Cell Phone

Are you astonished at the high amount you’re paying for your cell phone each month? Consider saving money by participating in prepaid monthly plans offered by cell phone providers. If your cell phone isn’t permanently affixed to your hand, you might want to purchase less minutes each month or downgrade the type of phone you own.

For many people, saving money feels like an impossibility. Fortunately, decreasing your monthly bills is a great first step to helping you start a nest egg. If you’re ready to improve your spending habits, consider adhering to the aforementioned tips.